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Starting A Website For Business

Mar 28, 2008
You will find a lot of webmasters shouting around for quality content and preaching that "Content is the King. They often end up with a big website with a lot of great quality content and thousands of pages though the conversion rate is too poor.

At the same time, you will find a lot of webmasters growing crazy about adding features to their website. They just stick everything they get thinking 'this would help the visitors'. Sometimes these sites become a small little gallery of add-ons and features.

You might say that these things are mainly seen in free blogs rather than websites. But the number of websites is too many too. However, one thing is very common among them; they think that they are adding so many features to enhance user experience and participation.

Let us find out some important aspects of designing a site on and around the visitors.

The very first step is to understand the product. You performance will depend on the product knowledge. If you think beyond the surface, you will find that every product have a unique environment. If you can identify that environment, you can design the site around the theme.

The very next step is to identify the target market. In this stage do not depend on your assumptions alone. Do not be astonished if you find out that the market perceives your product differently. You must do proper and extensive market research as the success of the project depends a lot on it.

When we say 'identifying a target market', it is not enough to know their age group, genders, income levels, education levels, location, social or professional group, interests etc. You must understand that they are not machines, they are active participants and do not always act rationally. And more importantly, the same group of people may act differently in a different website. You must realize that understanding the target market is a continuous process and you must have proper and extensive experience to take the best decision. And if you know the product well, it will also help you to prepare the site accordingly.

Now it is time to analyze your competitors - what they are offering and how they are doing it. This step will help you a lot to establish your unique selling proposition.

Set up a target that you want to achieve within a fixed period of time. For example the targets may be like the number of visitors you want to have every month, conversion rate or lead generation rate. Try to set a realistic target.

And, now you can start building your website and include only the necessary features. However, your job does not end here and it is only the beginning. You must constantly research on how the visitors are behaving on the site. Try to understand their preference and rearrange the page elements accordingly. You can use Google Analytics or some other paid analysis providers to trace the movement.

It is not about finding which keywords are having better search engine rankings (do not ignore the long tail). The analysis should also include the source of the visitors and for which keywords they are coming. If you find that most of the visitors are coming from organic search and for non commercial keywords, you can make necessary changes on the page content and incoming link pattern to fix the problem. This would also help you to determine which features are necessary and which are eating up expensive pixels.

If you are not comfortable with the whole process, contact a local SEO company (for example, do a Google search for Florida Ft Laudable SEO company if you are from Florida or your target market is Florida) for necessary support as they have better understanding of the local flavor.
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