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You Have Value In You

Mar 28, 2008
There is a breed of person - an entrepreneur. And all across the world entrepreneurs and business minded individuals bring to the world there dreams, desires, and ideas and turn them into reality.

There exist many in the world today, who seek instant success, a flash flood of money to make them rich today. We see lotteries generating billions in revenues from people seeking that instant rich injection! But, what many don't realize is that most of the people who ever win the lottery, soon loose all the money and more.

What is the point of instant success? What is the point of not knowing how to generate a stream of income like a river, ever flowing? As you are reading this, I am sure you must have that entrepreneur bone inside you, that one that wants to create an adventure of a venture and have fun in the process of creating success and wealth, not just for today and tomorrow, but starting today, and reaping harvest over your whole life?

When you look at the wealthiest people in the world, you can see one thing and that is value. So many people would scratch for a buck or two, but wealthy people understand that you must give value. More value given creates more demand, which ultimately shows you a bottom line most people only dream of.

Value is the key to success in your enterprise. Your business can achieve great success, when you get clear on understanding your business, the processes and ultimately what people want.

Most people go to work giving same value as they get in monetary compensation, but as business minded individuals - value is a key to success, and it can be a key to your success, when you apply it. Top entrepreneurs and business people who achieve great success, aim to deliver 100's of times of value then what they get paid for.

Looking at Microsoft we see great value. Imagine the PC without an operating system (windows, Linux, MacOS, etc? There would be a metal case and nothing that it could do. So Microsoft gives all people great value, as this machine can save time, and allow you to do so much. On your PC you could have all the books in the world. Imagine the space you save!

Now, Microsoft could have produced an operating system that provided everything, and create even more value. But, that would have stopped others getting rich off Microsoft Windows ability to be open to all (though there are limits, you can't change Windows). This balance has enabled Microsoft to be at the head of the pack, and reap great riches due to great value.

Ask yourself 'what can I do, to provide more value in what I do?', 'what do customers really want?' Questions such as these help focus our minds on being value conscious. Many companies sell products at a higher value, because of perceived increases in value, such as better packaging. McDonalds shows you a big burger and pictures to create perceived value, and it works.

When you give value to customers, you can go further and give value to your staff, with such things as private health cover, pension schemes, share options, etc... When you give value to your staff, your customers, and associates, you ultimately see more success.
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