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The Reverse Funnel System Uncovered

Mar 28, 2008
The truth about the Reverse Funnel System...

If you keep up to date with whats going on in the internet world you may well have heard about 'Ty Coughlin's Revers Funnel System' or 'The Inner Circl'

There are a lot of people out there who are wondering exactly what this Revers Funnel System is all about, how it works and is it really for real?

Or is it making too good to be true claims like some of the other opportunities out there...

Are you one of those people who somehow came across The Reverse Funnel System online home business opportunity?

Did you throw it straight into the 'too good to be true basket'?

If you did you are not alone, as I did also! Until it came up again and then again, so I thought well maybe I should investigate this further..

I was drawn to an unbiased interview that was with Frank Kern - who is a highly respected internet marketing guru interviewing 2 guys showing the results they are getting using this Reverse Funnel System.

Its in 3 parts pleas copy and paste URL below and view the videos and see for yourself. There is also a video from my sponser showing their awesome results using the system.


After watching these video's and investigating further I realized these were not unrealistic claims. I say bring on the Funnel system!

So this Reverse Funnel System is a unique online automated marketing system which pulls in targeted traffic (people looking to earn an extra income online or people wanting to have their own home based business) and takes them through a funnel using some very good and proven selling and closing sales techniques completely taking you out of the equation.

Meaning that there is no hounding of your friends and family as business is generated purely from adverts online and the sale is closed without any phone calls or personal contact.

Basically once you have gone through the Funnel you will be an affiliate and a member of a very reputable company who've been in business for nearly 20yrs, called Global Resorts Network or GRN they are an International Travel Company who sell memberships which allow members to purchase luxurious accommodation at extraordinary low prices all over the world in top resorts for prices of $298 for a whole week for up to 4 people, these resorts would normally cost thousands! A very good alternative to time share and cheaper! But not linked to time share.

The tools available to you to use when you sign up with the reverse funnel system are excellent and very very well thought out. Along with great ongoing support and training.

You would be using the exact same system you came in on to generate affiliates under you, giving you a very lucrative residual income.

This business is only for people who are willing to put in the effort and become a good online advertiser. You would need to work for your money! You basically need to be a good copycat. If you do you, you will be amazed at how powerful this can be. It can create an abundant lifestyle with alot more freedom.

Hope this gives you some more clarity on what and how the system works.

Wishing you lots of Success, happiness & Abundance

Jo Peters
About the Author
Jo is a 28yr old business minded English chick Who is successfully running her own international home biz from Auckland New Zealand http://www.earnyrworth.com
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