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Market Intergrations: All About Globalization

Mar 28, 2008
What is globalization? globalization can be described as the integration of all worldwide markets. In the past years, most businesses were localized to isolate markets. But, as time passed by, with the advancements in science and technology and travel markets throughout the world. It has opened up and businesses have begun to serve markets outside of the company's local area.
How does globalization affect corporate finance? Well,

Globalization has almost dissolved local markets, and because of this competition for companies has significantly increased. Also, corporate finance options have also increased as a result of globalization.

The way that the world markets are structured means that we actually need the world markets in places such as India and China to develop in business skills such as manufacturing, design and joint venturing. The world markets are split up in to different areas or zones and as the richer economies continue to innovate we see the other (less rich) world economies taking on tasks such as co development and low cost manufacturing. This contributes to the overall cycle of the generation of goods and services and the consumption of those same products.

While many kick against the rise of globalization, the fact remains the innovation in the traditional wealthier economies of the world means that business opportunities and economic development paths are given to the less wealthy economies of the world. These emerging markets move on to become established world markets - such as given in the example of South Korea. Now places such as South Korea can be seen to be one of the leading innovaters in the world with its highly educated workplace and world class products which it continues to develop.

Realizing the image of globalization scenario nowadays, we find that its process is moving at a faster rate and there are signs that in the next few coming years the industry for translation will be more affected more than any other industry. Unlike the old ones, where the local markets were protected and the manufactured products were sold for local consumptions, now a days there is no boundaries and custom tariffs tend to disappear, and this gives a big expansion in the demand of translation service. A number of institutions have started to sense that it's much easier to outsource the translation of a text than to start entire new processing operations in another country.

The current trends in the global market simply convey the significant contributions of globalization to the progress of each component of this global community.
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