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International Teleconference Pricing Options for Businesses

Mar 28, 2008
Conference calling has been used as a tool for years by network marketers, corporate executives, and even at home with families. While uses may vary, the concept has been the same since the beginning of it's conception. Conference calling is used to bring multiple groups of people together over the phone in one place to discuss, inform, and even sell from different geological locations. International conference calling broadens the application spectrum and has spurted some innovative pricing plan and execution approaches within the teleconference industry.

With technology the global gap between continents is closing in at a much more rapid pace than anyone could have ever previously imagined. Technologies have allowed for telecommuting rather than driving to a work place, allowed the outsourcing of workforces without ever leaving a desk, creating a business from scratch electronically over the Internet, and so on. Technology has also made possible international conference calling making teleconference calls a global possibility.

Global Teleconferencing Calling Options

Making international conferences over the phone happen has become much easier for participants from various countries to take part in with various calling options. For the most part there are three ways for participants to call in depending on the provider and plan you choose. Let's take a look at what options providers are offering customers these days for their international participants.

Inbound +1 Calling

This option allows you the convenience of holding an international conference call while saving on participant costs. International rates will apply for the participant and domestic per minute and per leg rates will apply for you. This option is best used for internal use such as with satellite offices. This particular option is not highly recommended for sales acquisitions outside the United States.

Toll Free Calling

This is by far the best option especially for large sales where a first impression counts most. Toll free calling options are not just our 800 numbers in the United States. Almost every country in the world has their own version of toll free prefixes and there are conference calling companies now that have these numbers reserved for clients wanting to give their participants a toll free number to call from in their own country of residence.

With international toll free access the participant does not pay for the call, you do. While this is an impressive feature, the costs will vary by country and can prove somewhat costly depending on the provider's available rates. Many domestic companies closing business deals overseas have been able to easily close deals using this type of service due to the thoughtfulness of providing an easy and free access number for their clients.

Local Access Conference Numbers

This option is second best to international toll free conferencing due to the fact the participants are given the option to dial in by local access number from their particular city. Even though it might not be entirely free for the participant it is more cost efficient for them compared to calling international. What can produce more cost for the participant is the fact they may be out of certain calling codes in their regions.

While the call may be local for your participant you will be paying a per minute rate based on the participant's location. The main benefit of this type of pricing is the slightly lower per minute rate than the toll free per minute rates. So if toll-free conference calling is a bit out of bounds for your budget, this is the next best option for you, but don't expect any outrageous rock bottom prices.

With these different pricing options I am sure you will find a conferencing solution for your business in no time. There are a few companies out there but not in excess so comparing providers that fit your needs shouldn't be too much of a task.
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