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To Really Succeed In Your Home Business, Go Where The Money Is

Mar 28, 2008
James has a problem! I know you are not his mentor, but since I am aware of his dilemma, this is as good an opportunity as any to share this information. Here is the gist of James' problem. He is a part time online marketer with a full-time job. Like most marketers, he is looking to create extra income online through his small home business. James has the usual struggles like most people, regarding available time for his passion, as well as his full-time job and family.

Here now, is the challenge that he is facing, and the decision he must make soon. One of his home business models is a MLM-type marketing type program, with a small monthly spend and residual income. He says it can be lucrative; over time. On the other hand, he sells click bank products, mostly through article marketing and web 2.0 social marketing sites.

James has been putting most of his small budget into the MLM, networking program with minimal returns so far, even though it has only been 3 weeks. On the other hand, he gets a trickle of sales into his ClickBank account. This is usually at no cost as he is not doing any type of Pay Per Click Marketing at this time.

So his question is this. "Which one do I concentrate on?" Should James put some money and more effort into his click bank marketing, since it is bringing in more sales, or should he concentrate on his affiliate marketing program? I rather suspect that there are more than a few marketers who are facing a similar situation.

Let us break down James' questions together. Perhaps we can walk away with the same conclusion as we strive to build our own home businesses. In spite of the current outlook in this particular situation, how I suspect that a reasonable solution is not that hard to find.

I believe that James' slower multi-level program which has a residual income factor may pay more money in the long run even though it appears harder to get customers now. The major problem with multi-level network marketing programs over the years has been the attrition factor. People tend to drop out of a network marketing program quickly if they are not in profit in a short time. Therefore, if James can find a way to keep people in, by helping them to be profitable in 30 to 60 days, that could do the trick for him. What do you think?

The ClickBank affiliate sales can definitely help to grow his home business income, but I see greater challenges ahead. I am thinking that there will be a threshold or ceiling on his sales unless he is prepared to put in major money into either PPC or some type of SEO program. Frankly, I am not sure I like the sound of either. But, what could that threshold be? Is it $2500, $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000 a month?

James could continue to build his ClickBank sales and still maintain some type of marketing momentum with his other MLM home business. After all, if the Affiliate Marketing Business is not costing him money right now, his cost is only in his time that he has so spend marketing the various programs. For that there may be some help. Here are a few ideas:

1. James could get someone to write articles for him to sell his programs.
2. He could hire someone to post comments on blogs, or buy a software to do that
3. James could learn PPC and use one of the smaller but cheaper PPC search engines

Another option is to concentrate on the SEO aspect of marketing his affiliate programs and not give it up for this MLM program. In other words, I believe he should continue to do both since he is earning cash from one and future residual income from the other.

Whatever are your conclusions, I hope that I have left you with something worth thinking about. Starting and growing a home business can be tricky but it can also be a great experience. If you doubt me, just wait until you start to see those "New Signup" notices coming into your inbox or your sales showing up in your ClickBank or Commission Junction accounts.
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