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Work From Home - Earn Money Online With YouTube

Mar 28, 2008
Online video has become the next big thing in market promotion. There is a great deal of video sharing sites on the internet but YouTube is by far the most popular. Numerous marketers use it for business promotion and as a means to create more sales. What many marketers don't know is that they can also use it as a method of market research.

Market Research is crucial for you to successfully work from home. One of the best things about Youtube, and other video sharing sites, is that it allows you to inexpensively discover what your viewers want so you can earn money online.

The feedback you can receive on these websites can be instrumental in helping you earn money on the internet. Creating a video and getting feedback starts with doing some keyword research just as you would for a PPC campaign or page optimization.

YouTube's search function works very much the same way as the search function in search engines, except for the fact that YouTube is much less sophisticated than the complex algorithms used by search engines. This means that if you do your keyword research properly you can dominate the YouTube search results.

It also means that if you use those keywords in your video title and tag you can also show up in search engines. Prior keyword research is important because unless people can find your video they can not view it. Your video must get watched before you can get feedback.

Feedback from channels can offer insight into your market without spending money on surveys or polls. Besides the inevitable comment spam, feedback usually includes requests for additional videos. These of course, are ideal but don't be turned off by negative feedback as they can be very helpful as well.

Comments that tell you whether or not your content was helpful or interesting lets you know what to create next as well as what need your niche market wants met. Keep note of these comments in a spreadsheet. If you are asked specifically for another video with similar content, create and watch the response it gets.

This is a simple form of direct marketing that is-- getting your customers to tell you exactly what they want. Many marketers spend a fortune trying to figure this out but YouTube lets you find out this information without any charge.

Be sure you watch and favorite the videos that do well in your niche. Not only are you weeding through the outstanding videos versus the poorly received ones but you can drive more traffic to your website by getting your viewers to subscribe to your favorites.

The more videos you create, on content that is well received and hosts relevant keywords in the title and tag, the greater your views will be which ultimately mean you earn more working from home. YouTube is an excellent way to promote your business and now you know how useful it can be in doing market research so you can earn money online.
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