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Using a Tell-A-Friend Script to Generate Traffic

Mar 28, 2008
More people are facing the problem of how to increase traffic flow to their websites every day. There have been many methods developed to help solve this problem. While some work very well, others don't even make a small impression.

Viral marketing is one of the most successful methods that has been developed. Viral marketing capitalizes on the tendency that people will share something they found entertaining or useful.

There are many companies who depend on this behavior to spread the word and increase traffic on their website. Viral marketing can take the form of many different mediums. It can be in the form of a story, a flash game, a video or anything else that might pique a person's interest.

This is usually a low cost option to try, and is definitely worth utilizing. The benefits will greatly outweigh the effort and cost that may go into it. Viral marketing can benefit almost any website.

Tell A Friend Script

A tell a friend script is a very easy method of viral marketing. This is just a very simple programming script that you drop into the code of your site. Usually tell a friend scripts are placed on pages where some kind of media is placed that someone may want to share with friends, family or co-workers.

The basic concept is a person puts his name, email and the recipient's email into the form, and the media link is sent to the recipient like an email with an attachment. The recipient wouldn't think of this as spam, since it is from someone he or she knows and trusts.

This sneaky method of direct marketing eliminates the chances of being blocked, because the recipient would have to block their friend's email address. This method of advertising is very effective and can reach a wide range of people.

Once the sent email is opened, the sent media will be either viewed, played or read. Along with the mail would be a short company description or the site that sponsors the media that was received. This makes an introduction of either products, the site or the company. Along with all this information is another tell a friend script.

And so the process continues. The tell a friend script works sort of like a chain letter, with each person passing on your information to people they know. Each time it is passed on, more people learn about your company and your products. If they see something they like, they will visit your site. Can you see how this method would result in new potential customers?

Tell a Friend Script Availability

The tell a friend script is simple and doesn't require a lot of programming. Simply find one you like and paste the script into the intended page. To find one you like, do a search for "tell a friend script" in your favorite search engine.

You will see many results appear. Check some out and see what you like. Once you like one, copy it into your webpage.

Using a tell a friend script viral marketing strategy, you can easily drive more traffic to your site that could result in bigger profits for you. This harmless script will allow you to reap many benefits for little cost and a little creativity.

When using a tell a friend script, you do need patience. If the media you've chosen doesn't get a lot of results, maybe you need to change it to something better. Over time, however, many more people will see your ads and increase your website traffic.
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