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A Resource Box Can Drive Traffic To Your Site

Mar 28, 2008
For the most part, people who go to the internet are looking for the same thing: information. Information about gaming, recreation or business, really any subject at all that the internet has to offer. Almost anything you want to learn about can be found online. This can be a golden opportunity for your website or web based business to reach customers and readers from all over the world.

In recent years, the workings of search engines have become known to more and more people. With this has come Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. A lot of site owners are aware of the benefits articles can offer to them in terms of driving more traffic to their sites. There are even sites now containing nothing but articles, most of which contain will links back to the authors own sites, which will of course be related somehow to the content of the article.

These kind of sites can contain articles on a wide range of topics. At the end of each article, the reader can find a resource box which will contain, among other things, link to the site which submitted the article. The article of course, almost always has something to do with the submitting site. For instance, an article about toaster ovens would usually be submitted by someone in the business of selling appliances.

Along with a link, a resource box will usually list the author, along with a brief biography and possibly a short description of the site which submitted the article. If the article has enticed the reader, the resource box will allow them to pay a visit the originating site (perhaps yours) and learn more.

The resource box has to catch the reader's eye just as the article itself does. Having just the right wording in that resource box, including well chosen keywords could get a reader to visit your site.

So what are the benefits of having an exceptional resource box to follow your article submission? Articles are often placed on others' sites because those site owners need to have more content for their sites. This however, thanks to the links in the resource boxes, can be very beneficial to both parties. After all, any reader you can get to your site is a potential customer.

Well then, what are some good things to have in a resource box for your articles then? Simply put, the right, strategically selected keywords. Do some research on popular keywords in web searches and use them. There are quite a few resources online to help you determine what keywords to use; this will provide you with the greatest benefit to be gained from keywords: traffic.

Get creative with your resource box. There's not a lot of room, but if you make the most of it, you have more chances to get traffic to your site. Think of it as another chance to get a reader interested.

Use keywords that are related to your site's topic; this will lead to traffic that will be more likely to stay on your site and be interested in your product or service, if you are selling one. You'll build trust and credibility in these potential customers by providing well written, informative articles.

Don't dismiss the resource box as a another way of driving traffic to your website. You do not want a resource box that readers will just pass on by; be creative and offer a little information along with your link. Make readers think. Remember, if you want more visitors to your site, you must take every opportunity to maximize traffic.
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