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How is a Blog Going to Help My Business?

Mar 28, 2008
You cannot surf the Web without running into one, and often you find yourself reading one before you even know what's happening. They're blogs, and they're all over the Internet. But how is a blog going to help your business, or your Web site?

What are Blogs?

Web logs, commonly shortened to "blogs," are continuous content. Search engines and Internet users love content, lots of rich text that's fun to read. Blogs offering pictures, video and entertaining information are usually the most popular. Internet users like to read fun stories, but only up to a point - blog posts are commonly short, concise and visually stimulating. Never forget that the Internet is all about stimulation, and the blogs which provide that entertainment generally do quite well.

Blogs are popular on the Internet for one reason: the content. This content provides a great background for the all-important keywords which drive the search engines and help Internet users find what they want to see. Blogs give Web sites a great way to put keywords out there, and help constantly enrich the site with good content.

Why Blog?

So blogs might help a Web site, but how is a blog going to help business? By nature, blogs are frequently updated. It's not uncommon for blogs to be updated several times a day, every day. They can be time-consuming to write, however short the posts are, when multiple posts a day are in order. It is also important to keep blogs entertaining visually, with plenty of links, pictures, colors, video, etc. This means putting even more effort into the blog, arranging it in an appealing way. If it's so much work, then why blog?

Again, blogs provide a constant source of enriching text which can fill a Web site with keywords. More keywords equals more traffic - something every Web site wants. Will a blog bring more business to a company? If the blog is good and manages to compel customers to take action, it is possible to get more clients through this method. Make sure it's easy for customers to leave messages, write emails, and contact the company if the goal is to get more business. Make it easy for clients to communicate with you, and they will.

Creating a Great Blog

It is no secret that blogs are everywhere on the Internet. In fact, the Web is inundated with them. Not all the blogs available get a lot of traffic, because not all of them are entertaining or engaging enough to the general Internet audience. When trying to create a great blog and help your business, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Keep it original. Internet users have a lot of different content to choose from. Why do they want to read yours? Make sure what you have to offer is original, fresh and interesting. It is okay for bloggers (blog writers) to put their own opinions into a blog - that's part of what makes it original and new.

Keep it simple. Everything moves at a quicker pace online, and so do visitors. Many of them haven't got the time or inclination to linger on a site. Make sure to keep information simple and to the point - a fairly quick read.

Keep it rich. Don't forget to include lots of links, pictures, video and other eye-catching elements to a blog. You want to make it visually stimulating, because there are a lot of interesting things to see on the World Wide Web.

Keep it updated. For a blog to be a true blog, it must be added to on a continuous basis. Make sure to constantly add new posts, at least as many as one a week. You want visitors to have something to read, after all, fresh and new content they haven't already seen.

Are Blogs a Must-Have?

A blog can greatly help a site that's struggling to provide fresh, keyword-rich content. Blogs do take some time and effort to maintain, however, and in some cases it might even be necessary to hire bloggers to contribute to the content on a blog. If you have the time, energy and dedication to maintain a blog, and your site is struggling for content, it may not be a bad path to purse. Blogs are not, by any means, a prerequisite on the Web. In fact, many sites do quite nicely without them. Those who don't have the time and patience to maintain a blog shouldn't lose any sleep over not offering one on their site.
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