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Use Digital Signage To Generate More Sales

Mar 28, 2008
Digital signage refers to plasmas and LCD displays, computer monitors and televisions that are used to replace and enhance traditional signs. It is beautiful, unobtrusive and yet effective in generating more sales of the products that it promotes. Simply put, the digital signage is one of the best things that ever happened to the advertising industry.

Having a merchandising material in stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other point of sale areas is very vital. It is there where consumers are most likely to decide what products to buy and those who are able to create the best impression right there are most likely to get the sale.

Traditionally, products and services are promoted directly to the customers mainly through human merchandisers and printed signs. The downsides to those methods include high campaign costs and lower success rate compared to the digital ways of doing it. They are expensive because of the amount of training and management required and less effective considering the fact that the digital signage is currently drawing better customer responses.

In addition, people doing face to face advertising can be perceived by customers overly intrusive, aggressive, incompetent or simply major turn offs. Printed signs require constant updating and installation, making it also expensive and laborious. With a digital signage however, the benefits are overwhelming.

To begin, a digital signage reaches more people at any time compared to human merchandisers and printed signs. When placed at the right locations, above a sales counter, for instance, it can be viewed, enjoyed and absorbed by everyone within the queue area. And since a person would normally stand in line for at least 30 seconds, a huge quantity of messages can be flashed within that period.

Let us not forget that the sales counter area is a place where customers are most likely not busy and receptive to sales pitches. Therefore, having a digital signage that is comfortably viewed from that location is a wise idea.

In addition, a digital signage can be programmed to target specific clients in different locations and at various times. For instance a store that receives plenty of mid level office workers from 6~8pm can play a combination of suitable programs during that time frame. Another branch frequented by young people at the same time can be made to show appropriate content at the same time. That is something that printed signs are not able to accomplish- to deliver targeted messages depending on the time of day, day of the week, demographics, location or any segmentation required depending on the clients that walks into the location.

Overall, a digital signage can be counted on to improve create awareness of a company's products and services, loyalty programs and other promotional offers. It also improves a brand's image, increase sales and decreases costs. Another benefit that it offers is its being a source of revenue by itself. A store with a digital signage can charge advertising fees to whoever wants to play their presentations in the branch.

A company leasing store space for its own digital signage may also charge advertising expenses to other products, provided that they are not competitors. As a result, revenue that is generated by the digital signage can be used to pay for the operation and maintenance of the equipment. If managed correctly, it will even pay for the entire cost of having the device and even generate a handsome profit.
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