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Email Flyers Help Promote Your Event

Mar 28, 2008
Email flyers have revolutionized the way people promote various events. While several years ago handing out paper flyers on the street corner or sticking paper flyers on a car's windshield in a parking lot seemed like an effect tactic, today it seems archaic. With a few clicks of the mouse, anyone from a one person operation to a large organization can send out effective and professional email flyers to their target market.

One of the great benefits of email flyers over paper flyers is that email is inherently viral. Any one of your initial recipients can forward the email flyer along to several of their friends. This helps the awareness of your event spread far beyond what you, the event promoter, intended to reach initially. The extra added benefit is that most email flyer programs will let people who are receiving a 'forwarded flyer' actually enroll for your mailing list. This way when you run your next event, you can send the email directly to your new contact.

One of the keys to success for running an effective email flyer campaign is to have a high quality mailing list. You cannot simply grab random email addresses off a website and send them a flyer because that would be considered spam, which is a practice you definitely do not want to get involved in. Instead you want to focus on building a quality opt-in mailing list of people who have given you their permission to email them. You can start with family and friends, which is always a good base. If you are promoting an event for a third party then it is always wise to ask them if they have a mailing list you can use. These days, with the power of MySpace, many bands, for example, have their own in-house mailing list that cam really pack an event. As you build your mailing list, your email flyers will become increasingly effective because you will reach out to more people.

The reporting and tracking you can get when you launch an email flyer campaign also dwarfs that of a traditional paper flyer. When you put flyers on everyone's windshield you really have no idea how many people just drop the flyer on the floor without ever reading it. You have no idea if the flyer was captivating or if it clearly conveyed your key message. You're simply left asking a lot of questions without getting any real answers. With email flyers, everything is entirely trackable so your marketing becomes more of a science instead of rolling dice. You can track exactly who is opening your email, who clicked a link on your flyer, who forwarded it to their friends and more. This lets you fine tune your message to make sure your flyer as effective as possible.

An added benefit of email flyers is that they are better for the environment than paper flyers. So many times after an event you can look down at the floor as you are exiting and see tons of paper flyers lying there. This is really not a good thing for Mother Nature by any means. With the drive towards "being green", email flyers let you spread your message without any actual waste and that is a benefit everyone can rally behind.

Embarking on a mission to send email flyers is very easy. With the right solution, anyone can create a professional looking flyer within a matter of minutes and take a big step towards driving people to their event.
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Robert Burko is President of Elite-Email-Flyers.com, the most trusted solution for designing, sending and tracking email flyers. For more digital marketing insight you can visit the eBusiness blog.
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