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What Is The Content Network?

Mar 28, 2008
If you are first setting up your pay-per-click campaign, you may be wondering if you should sign up for the content network. Google's pay-per-click advertising model allows you to select between two different pay-per-click networks - the search network and the content network.

Google's search network includes the search engine result pages and Google's partners such as AOL and Ask.com. Your ads will appear on the search results pages at Google and these two search partners whenever a searcher matches a search query with the keywords that you are targeting.

The content network is the list of websites that have opted to display Google ads on their websites. Any web pages that matches your keywords and has opted to allow Google ads to appear on their sites could potentially display your pay-per-click ads.

There are benefits and drawbacks to advertising through the Google content network. Some of the positives include:

* Wider dissemination of your ad
* Your ad potentially will appear in front of more eyes
* You could reach a more targeted audience with your PPC ad
* There's no additional fee to advertise on the network
* To ensure overall quality, all sites are carefully reviewed before being allowed in the Google Network.

As far as positive statistics go, the Google content network reaches more than 75% of unique online users in over 100 countries with 20 languages. If you were to advertise on both the Google search network and the Google content network, you have the ability to reach the eyes of three of every four internet users on Earth. Those are some pretty impressive stats if you ask us!

As with anything, there are drawbacks as well as benefits to advertising through Google's content network. Some of the drawbacks include:

* Your ad may appear so many times and receive so many click-throughs that you reach your maximum budget before the end of your day

* There is a greater chance that a competitor could engage in malicious clicking to run up your advertising budget

* Your ad could appear on websites not targeted for your product or service

* All ads are reviewed before appearing across the Google Network, so you may see your ad appear on the search engine first. If you edit a previously reviewed ad, your ad will be re-reviewed before it shows again on the Google Network.

Whether you should advertise on Google's content network or not depends a lot on your goals and somewhat on your product or service. If there are a lot of websites that might be related to your keywords then you could benefit from the content network. On the other hand, if there are not many websites that use your specific keywords, you have a low dollar item, or there isn't much competition in your niche then the content network might not benefit you at all. If you are new to PPC, I would stay away from the content network until you get more familiar with running a pay-per-click campaign altogether.
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