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Ten More Secret Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Mar 28, 2008
Here are ten more secret marketing strategies in a series of articles to enhance your online sales copy and improve sales success.

1. The "Re-Reading" Strategy
The "I've read it (no.) times already..." strategy tells future customers that the affiliate info-product that you are selling is so good that you read, listened or watched it multiple times. You could even add up the number of hours or days you took out of your spare time. For example, "I've spent well over 16 hours of my spare time this week reading and re-reading it and enjoyed every minute of it."

2. The "Million Dollar Secret" Strategy
The "discover the ($) secret..." strategy tells future customers that you made a specific amount of money using one tip, strategy, secret, trick, etc., from the money-making information product you are selling. You could name all your benefits in your sales letter after the amounts of money you made off each one and keep the details of each benefit a secret. It will draw a lot of curiosity for your products. For example, "Learn the $15,678 strategy"; "Discover the $45 per hour formula"; etc.

3. The "I Own Many" Strategy
The "I'm the owner of several other very successful web sites..." strategy tells future customers that the web site they are on is only one of the web sites you own. You can tell them the name, URL and traffic ranking (if it's good) of the web sites. It will show them just how successful you are and give you some extra credibility. Plus, you may make some sales from the people who decide to check out your other web sites too.

4. The "No Reason" Strategy
The "there is no reason you couldn't do what (a name) did..." strategy tells future customers that you are commenting on one of the people from your testimonials in your sales letter. Plus if the person in the testimonial has gone through more obstacles than most of future customers, then say something like: "There is no reason you couldn't do what Mike did and he did it with only one arm."

5. The "Extra Resources" Strategy
The "if you want to learn more about (your product's topic), here are (no.) excellent sources (links)..." strategy tells future customers other products they may need that aren't in direct competition with yours in your sales letter. You could even recommend the products with your own affiliate links to make money. Just make sure those other web sites open in another window so people don't leave your sales letter page.

6. The "Anyone Of You" Strategy
The "anyone can do this..." strategy tells future customers that anyone who purchases your product can gain their desired benefit. You can tell them people just like them are doing it every day. You can mention the different types of your customers who are benefiting, like: cab drivers, plumbers, teachers, bakers, chefs, mechanics, etc.

7. The "Hyper Keyword" Strategy
The "business(hyperlinked), marketing(hyperlinked), increase traffic(hyperlinked)..." strategy tells future customers that many of the keywords and key phrases in your ad copy are text links too. They will be curious to click on one to see where it leads. You could lead them to an opt-in page, an Adsense page, an affiliate product page, to your other product page, etc. It will give you the chance to make extra profits even if they don't buy your main product. Just make sure those pages open up in other windows so that they don't leave your main sales letter.

8. The "Leave Now" Strategy
The "leave this page if you want to (a negative effect)..." strategy tells future customers that if they aren't going to do anything to improve their life, you don't have any time for them. For example, "Get out of here if you want to be overweight forever!"; "Don't purchase if you want to be broke!" etc. Most people don't want negative problems in their lives so it may persuade them to buy.

9. The "Niche Bonus" Strategy
The "free bonus: hey, (type of people) this is for you: (the bonus)..." strategy tells future customers that you may be selling a product that anyone can buy but you are targeting one or more of your bonuses to a select group of people. It could be a free bonus for women, men, doctors, marketers, stay-at-home moms, etc. It will help you sell more products to a particular group of people and you can advertise your product on highly targeted web sites, search engines, etc.

10. The "Negative Guarantee" Strategy
The "this guarantee is for any (negative label) that can't (your product's benefit)..." strategy tells future customers that if they can't get their desired benefit with your product and ask for a refund, they will be labeled something they don't want to be labeled. For example: "This guarantee is for any quitter that can't achieve a B+ average."
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