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Make Money Online In Your Home Based Business With BLOG Software Or HTML Website?

Mar 28, 2008
Have you thought about joining the web 2.0 revolution? Are you sitting there with a regular website yet you keep hearing about BLOGS that seem to make life easier for the web 2.0 owner. Well, let's walk through a few issues or decisions you have to consider as you ponder joining the web 2.0 revolution.

1. I am frequently asked by a person knew to the web is should I have BLOG or a website?
2. The second question from a person with a website is should I add a blog or replace my website?
3. The third question centers on what are the key functional differences between a BLOG and a Website?
4. After that what happens is your purpose or specific business model and type of product enters the decision making process.
5. Finally we see, the personality, that right your personality, enters into making the final decision regardless of your business model.

Walking ourselves through this series of questions gets to be an interesting experience because the answer depends on a few factors you need to consider. These factors are the webmaster experience; his or her comfort level with the tools and programs available for use in building your business on the web and final factors are the developer's penchant for being able to deal with your business type and personality.

If you are talking to an experience guru then you will get a pretty detailed explanation of the differences between a basic HTML website and a BLOG. They will usually go into the differences between the two in terms of technology and design etc. They then go in to a discussion of capabilities and functionality.

If you are talking to a less experienced guru who has not been buried in the old school, then they will usually tell you it does not make a difference. They will usually launch into a discussion of capabilities and functionality.

When one thinks of capabilities or functional differences, you need to decide between all the various type of BLOGs and websites that you have seen. Most people are aware of a regular or standard BLOG that are primarily type oriented. These BLOGs are focused on the written word and they are primarily produced in diary format.

Next up there are BLOGS that are audio oriented. These Blogs attempt to get their message across using the additional sense of sound. Adding audio files to the blog is done in a number of ways but essentially it comes down to recording an audio file. Then you convert the audio to HTML and upload it to your website.

After that there is video. With video you add the sense of sight and now you can make your message crystal clear. Because you can now add your own spin that truly reflects you. Adding video to your website is same as audio however there are a few more steps which we can discuss later.

You of course move into your purpose next and that drives your decision because the purpose of a website and blog are many. Examine the Obama website and the Pillsbury law technology blog which obviously have a specific purpose and you can see the name drives the purpose. They have a very specific focused just like your BLOG or Website will have a key focus. Your purpose may, may not equal your personality but that can be a long discussion.

Final advice is that before jumping in, make sure your decision is based on the last two criteria, your
business model and personality not the technology and functionality.
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