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The 6 Steps To a Profitable Website

Mar 28, 2008
In order to build a profitable website for yourself you need to have a good plan in place as well as you carrying out lots of preparation first. A lot of people will come up with an idea for a website, they then buy a domain name and start to build the site without actually thinking through what is required. Like these people I use to have hundreds of websites and would never concentrate on one but would instead be moving from one to the next constantly. However now I concentrate on just 20 sites or less and because of this I have seen a dramatic increase in my income from them.

But to ensure that you can create and build websites which are going to be profitable for you there are 6 steps you will need to make. Certainly by sticking to the formula in this article you should soon see a rapid increase in the income these sites can earn for you. However before you actually start building any sites it is important that you get a folder along with some paper into which you will have sections for every site that you want to build. Although you can actually set this up on your PC believe me it is much easier for you as the folder is at hand at all times right beside you as you work.

The first step is to carry out Keyword Research. It is at this stage you will need to think about the niches and the sections that you will need to have. The niche you choose can be on any subject that you want, and as you will soon discover there are many niches which also have very profitable sub niches which you may wish to explore. Although Cars as your niche website would be good one about SUV's as a sub niche or even one on carburretors would be much more beneficial. The most important thing to remember about keyword research is that you need to find a good mix of keywords. Look for those which have very little competition against them and look for those that will provide you with a challenge when it comes to promoting your site.

The next step when it comes to creating and building a profitable website is planning. A lot of people forget about this stage and completely miss it out, you shouldn't. So you now need to get a piece of paper from your folder and jot down what the different areas of your site are going to be. It is during this time you need to decide just how you want your site to look and whether you want to have sub directories within it or just have separate sections within the site. Just by jotting down a few things and keeping a note of these will help you in the future as you will be able to see immediately what site models you have used previously work well and which ones haven't.

The building stage comes next. In the planning stage you should have decided what tool you are going to use to build your site. There are many available some are free others cost hundreds of dollars. If you are just starting out I would suggest using Wordpress as it's free and can be easily installed from many websites Cpanel.

Promotion is the bit where many people fall down. They do enough to get the site indexed but then they get bored and build a new site. STOP! You must promote your site good promotion should be ongoing. Try to spend an hour a day for at least 2 weeks promoting your site.

All sites can only survive if they are receiving sufficient amounts of traffic to it. As you will soon learn this traffic can come from anywhere. However you have promoted your website properly then you will find that you start to receive the traffic you need from the various different search engines. It is important to note that organic search traffic is completely free and is what you are aiming to get to your site through promoting it.

For many webmasters monetization is their main objective in order that they can earn an income from their sites. But the trouble is that most of them will monetize their sites too early. Instead what I prefer to do after building mine is leave them alone for about 3 months before actually monetizing them. There is no real reason to immediately add Adsense to any sites you build as it may well affect your sites ranking and without traffic being directed towards it you are unlikely to make any money from it.

By incorporating the 6 steps in to your article building routine you will soon start to see the benefits. You'll have the confidence to tackle bigger projects secure in the knowledge that sucess is just around the corner.
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If you would like to read more about creating profitable websites why not pop over to Profitable Website Guides. Mark Thompson is a full time internet marketer and runs The Income Academy
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