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Repeat the Process of Finding Leading Indicators for Irresistible Forces to Improve Lead Time

Mar 28, 2008
If yours is like most businesses, the first barometers for anticipating shifts in irresistible forces you find will provide lead times too close to the change in irresistible force direction to meet your minimum needs.

How can your barometers be improved to provide either the minimum or an economically attractive longer period of advance warning? Here are some additional approaches to consider.

If you have a few large customers or competitors, you may find it advantageous to consider developing specific barometers designed solely for making your most appropriate response vis-a-vis each of them. For instance, if a specific competitor is very slow to react to irresistible force changes in direction, you may be able to use an existing barometer in that competitor's accounts. Or if a customer is relatively insensitive to the irresistible force, you should be focusing your barometer on some other irresistible force change to which the customer is sensitive.

Another useful perspective is to poll knowledgeable people. They might collectively provide advance warning by using a variety of ways to anticipate the future change. Since only you will know what the poll shows, it would also be a source of proprietary information for you.

In addition, realize that some people in your company may have formal training and significant talent for finding these relationships. Be sure these people are given a chance to play a significant role in producing and using the barometers.

You should make sure that you and others thoroughly understand what they do and what the conclusions mean. Your role in creating this capability may be sufficient for success if you merely serve as the catalyst to get this work going. Getting started may be as simple as sharing this material with the right people and asking some of these questions. If you are in a position of authority or influence, you can naturally allocate resources for this purpose which will greatly help.

If your enterprise does not yet have this skill present, feel free to outsource the task to get started. Your only challenge is to be sure the people you select are competent. The best way to do this is also to outsource the selection and supervision of those who will do the work.

For those doing the selection and supervision you should create a "gain-sharing" opportunity to produce useful results and help you establish an effective internal capability for your irresistible growth enterprise. Without an internal capability, you will probably miss many of the best opportunities to create proprietary barometers. External organizations will probably never become familiar enough with your business to identify the richest sources of proprietary data.
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