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The Obvious And Not So Obvious Benefits Of Starting A Child Care Center

Mar 28, 2008
There is a lot of discussion going on about starting a daycare business and that makes people think, 'What's so great about this opportunity that everyone's talking about it?' But, believe me, people who talk about the benefits of starting a day care business do not know even half the reasons why this is an unbeatable business opportunity. Let me tell you what I know.

Low overheads and initial investment

With the daycare business, you can play as low as you want. If you want, you can spend hundreds of dollars as your investment, but by planning meticulously, you can set up the whole business within a thousand dollars. You can even run your childcare business from your home, so that significantly slashes your initial investment and also the overheads. What's more, you can show your business expenses as tax-deductibles, so that means more effective savings. Governments help with the investment too, you have a lot of grant opportunities here. Every way you look at it, the daycare business becomes a very economical business start out with.

Minimum qualifications and work

You do not need to be qualified very high to run a home business. If you have a license, you might not need to have any special educational qualification at all. What's important is that you must know how to handle kids. And that is quite a natural thing for most people to know. Your duties are restricted too, you only have to be yourself with the kids and occupy their times in a constructive manner. Think about it, no deadlines, no bosses to answer to, no office rivalries it does seem to be a very grand profession. And believe me, it is!

Doing what you enjoy most

Who doesn't like to be with kids! Starting child care business means that you can do this all the time, and get paid handsomely for that too. Quite an attractive incentive, isn't it? You can relive your childhood with these kids, teach them how to make buildings from Lego blocks, help them stack their toys, teach them to draw and paint, sing and play with them. There are so many enjoyable things. In fact, it is true to say that with a kids business, you get paid for playing.

Earning love and respect

Most kids tend to love and respect their daycare people, and they continue these feelings even after they are grown up. How wonderful you will feel, several years down the line, when a freckle-faced teenager will walk up to you when you are buying vegetables, and say, "Hey, Mrs. Malcolm, remember me? I'm Hank. I was in your daycare. I really remember you still!" That will surely be worth all the years you put into your home business. Trust me that really happen with daycare owners.
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