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Beating Adwords for Affiliate Marketers

Aug 17, 2007
Are you using Google Adwords in your affiliate marketing efforts? Are you beating Adwords or is Adwords beating you?

Here is the most common and most gargantuan mistake I see affiliates making with Adwords.

They don't target desperate buyers! A desperate buyer is a buyer that is looking for a solution to not a small problem, but a big one...or...a problem that has to be dealt with every day or a frequent basis.

Here's an example:

If you are promoting ebooks and courses that teach people how to train their dogs, you're conversion rates are going to be horrible for keyword phrases such as:

dog training
train dog
puppy training


You have to ask yourself--How many people are losing sleep over "training their dog"? Probably not a whole lot. Plus, most of those folks are more than likely looking for "dog trainers" in their area.

What you need are dog owners that have problems, pains and need solutions. The bigger or more annoying or more embarassing the problem you can bet the faster that "dog owner" will pull out their wallet and credit card...and buy the solution you are recommending.

So, what is an affiliate marketer to do?

Okay, what problems may keep dog owners awake at night? How about:

dog barking
dog chewing
dog behavior problems
dog potty training (and related keywords)
dog biting

And hundreds of other variations of those type of keyword phrases are the type of phrases that are begging for a solution! These are problems that are constantly on the mind of a dog owner with a misbehaving pup.

All you need to do, is match the problem with the solution and you will really see your conversion rates soar.

Here are a few more tips that will increase your conversion rates dramatically and make you a lot more money with your adwords campaigns:

-Three and four word phrases convert twice to three times as well as one and two word phrases.

-You need to take your base keyword list and "customize" to what you are selling, for example, if you are selling "dog training videos" then your "dog potty training" keyword can become "dog potty training video". (Lower traffic, but extremely high converting.)

-You can find a lot of great converting keyword phrases right from the merchant site itself. I am amazed at how many affiliate marketers using Google Adwords have never thought of generating ideas here!

Another huge and welcome benefit is you will find your competition for these type of keyword phrases are much lower. So you will have more sales at less cost. Now that is an affiliate marketers dream!
About the Author
Travis Sago is a full time affiliate marketer earning more than most doctors make. If you would like more tips and secrets to beating Adwords Check out Beating Adwords.
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