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Deep Indexing: Squidoo and Search Engine Indexing

Mar 28, 2008
Deep linking to achieve deep indexing has become an obsession with SEO experts and novices. Just do a Google search on the term, "deep indexing" and you will see the energy that is going into this area of SEO.

To achieve deep indexing, affiliate marketers are creating multiple "inner site maps", submitting multiple pages to search engines, adding a "popular post category" to their blogs ...and so it goes on.

Well the great news for Squidoo lensmasters is that Google automatically deep indexes Squidoo lenses.

I found this out by watching the daily stats of each of my Squidoo lenses over a number of weeks. By way Of example I will discuss one of my Squidoo lenses on digital-storytelling. The focus of this lens is to help people turn digital photos into digital stories or digi-stories as they are sometimes called. It also provides links to resources to sell digital photos online.

The amazing revelation is how deeply Google indexes my lens, so that I not only receive visitors who search on my primary keyword but now I am getting visitors who search on the most unlikely "long tail keywords".

I know for a fact the Google is indexing all my Squidoo module headings, text within modules, video titles in the YouTube modules and links in link/list modules.

Here is a sample of the 50 long tail keywords that have been used in Google, MSN and Yahoo to find my digital storytelling lens:

* 50 ways to improve your storytelling
* camera dollars income system ebook download
* companies to get paid for submitting photos
* digital stories by primary school kids
* digital storytelling imovie education
* dreamtime story about how the world was created
* earning income from digital photography
* education histroy digital story telling
* examples of online storytelling videos kids
* free software to turn my pictures into movie
* how to make an income with digital photography
* how to turn your digital photos into film
* mapping photos into digital form
* photos into movies with sound
* program for making digital pictures to movies
* programs that turn your pictures into cartoons
* story about your sister in korae movies
* storytelling and "autism" and "kit"
* take digital pictures and sell online
* telling digital stories and digital arts alliance
* turn pictures into movies on computer
* turn pictures into pixels online
* turn your eyes into animation
* turn your pictures into model pictures for free
* turn your pictures into moving animation
* turn your still photos into movies
* turning my pics into movies for free
* turning still photos into movies
* youtube digital bath hawaii

What you can do is build your Squidoo lens in a way that encourages the search engines to deep index your lens but that is another story!
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