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A Quick Guide To Buying And Using Exhibition Equipments

Mar 28, 2008
Putting up an exhibition is a daunting task. There are plenty of different things to think about when organising a big event like this. The idea is that by holding an exhibition, this will benefit your company or brand, with successful returns and an increased number of client bases - this is easier said than done. However, with good preparation and enough time on planning, in theory the exhibition should indeed be a success.

One of the most important elements of a company exhibition is getting the right equipment and display stands to promote your company brand. There are various types of exhibition equipments, which each have very different functions. The focus for these equipments is to make you stand out from the rest. Therefore, getting roller banners, lighting, light boxes and display units laid out correctly will enable more clients to visit your stand.

Often companies use all the exhibition equipments needed to promote them, which can sometimes look odd in places. When using roller banners for your stand, you must remember that this is effectively a large display and quite literally rolls up for easy transfer. These are usually best placed near the entrance of an exhibition or as a backdrop in a presentation hall.

Roller banners are also incredibly cost effective, easy to use and need no tools to set up. These can come heavy in weight for sturdiness or lightweight for durability and flexibility. They can come single or double sided with the option of adjustability using a telescopic pole. The graphic displayed on the banners are large so they are an excellent way of promoting and advertising your brand name.

Pop-up display stands are different from roller banners; however, they are similar in the sense that they do not need any tools for assembling. Pop-ups are quite literally portable do-it-yourself displays that come in all shapes and sizes. They can come as pop-up graphics displays, pop-up towers, desktop pop-ups or linear pop-ups. These can also be assembled with large or small graphics and can be fitted together to create a seamless display.

Using lighting and light boxes will help brighten up the displays and the display units. This will attract more people to approach your stand and help promote your company brand, without placing too much emphasis on physically bringing people in. Lighting in general attracts more focus on the stands, however getting the correct kind of lighting will emphasise the general theme of the exhibition.

For example, using soft blue lighting may provide a calmer tone for health and beauty stands, whereas if you choose to use heavy red lighting this will appear loud in tone, which is good for displaying activity or entertainment companies.

Display units are a good for placing and laying out products in a presentable manner, however, these will need careful management. One thing to remember is to display your products in such a way that will create a lasting impression on clients or potential clients. If you are allowing people to sample the products, have them displayed well enough for them to access this and always be at stand to provide them with information.

Finally, using banner stands are similar to roller banners; the difference is they are freestanding and sturdy. They do not roll up and they are intended for outdoor use as a way of promoting the exhibition and advertising the brand name. They are often available using fabric or PVC, with the latter being more cost effective and strong.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on roller banners , having used them for many exhibitions in her previous jobs.
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