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Far Removed From The Firm

Mar 28, 2008
The Burnett family had lived in central London since Mr Burnett became involved with 'The Firm' fifteen years previously. They organised a place for the family to live, they even organised a removal company for them. Mr Burnett had to admit, they had been good to them many times but it all came at a price and he'd been in this game for too long now. He wanted to get out but the boss wasn't keen.

He makes all the right noises. Oh yes, no problem, he says, you can leave whenever you want. They will organise the removal company again but the foreboding Burnett feels at this statement says he will probably be removing his head rather than his furniture before he lets him leave.

On top of this Burnett has a wine collection that has been obtained through his contacts at the firm. Any removal company he uses will have to have specialist knowledge of how to handle this treasure of Burnetts.

There are men watching the house. Burnett know this because he tried to organise his own removal company. For some reason he felt it would be best if the boss didn't know where he was moving to, just for the family's peace of mind. The removal company called the next day to say how sorry they were but they didn't have the time or resources to help him move. Ever.

The boss paid Burnett a visit yesterday, with his heavies in tow of course, just to enquire after the family's well-being. He didn't directly say anything threatening but it made burnett shiver when he was stroking his young daughter's hair while giving him 'the look'. After asking to check out his wine collection, Burnett was horrified when he dropped the most vintage bottle in the collection. Seeing claret all over the floor left him in no doubt that he wasn't happy about his plans.

The boss likes to think he's a big shot in the world of protection rackets but there are bigger fish than him and during Burnett's time with them even he managed to work out there are areas of the world that even the boss won't go, due to the gang wars over territory.

Burnett and his family choose one of these areas and using a complicated method of getting someone else to track down a property for them without the bosses knowledge, a deal on a house has been secured in Italy. A family friend also has connections in the underworld and they know a rival gang that would do anything to get one up on his boss.

They have their own controlled removal company who are willing to help their rivals for a small fee. It has all been arranged via secret telephone calls and an escape plan has been set.

This rival gang are setting up a red herring to lure the bulk of The Firm into a distraction. They will then go in, pack up Burnett's home including his precious wine collection, and ship it all over to Italy in an apparently untraceable operation.

The rival gang have laid on a private jet and in the dead of night the family are whisked away to start their new life. After a few cautionary diversions, they arrive at their new home to find the removal company had beaten them to it and everything is set up to just move straight in.

Six months later the Burnett family are completely settled and adjusted to their new way of life with no contact from 'The Firm', much to Mrs Burnett's relief. That's when he gets the call from the removal company that helped them on their way. It seems it's time to pay back that favour and, with a sinking feeling, Burnett realises he has gone from frying pan to fire.
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Removals expert Catherine Harvey looks at the help of a removal company in an overseas move.
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