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Social Networking & Web 2.0 Applications

Mar 28, 2008
Web 2.0 applications involve a social factor where the users generate and distribute content. They are also awarded the privilege of sharing and reusing the content. Web 2.0 is thus heralded as a revolution in the computer industry which is a direct result of the movement towards the Internet as a platform for applications. It also encompasses the need to comprehend the basic rules for success on the new platform. The mainstay of Web 2.0 advertising is by word of mouth. Using social networking to develop new connections and expanding the horizons of your presence on the Internet is a key factor.

Social networking sites contribute a great deal towards helping people to interact with each other. These sites do not just help people to interact but also go a long way towards enabling them to share their likes and dislikes. Social networking sites help people to share and exchange photos, music, video clips as well as TV clips. Becoming aware of the target market and their various likes and dislikes helps you to gauge more about the kind of products and services they prefer. This exercise by itself helps you by saving the time, effort and money which would otherwise have been wasted on a wrong target market. These features make Web 2.0 an ideal platform for businesses to advertise their services and products.

A few of the major advantages of implementing Web 2.0 advertising are listed as follows:

1. It is not required to search for a target audience and neither does the target market have to search for your business with these applications.
2. The wide reach of the Internet makes it an extremely powerful and useful tool to attract a larger audience for your business. Promoting your business through word of mouth using social networking can help you to advertise your business to numerous customers all over the world.
3. Web 2.0 advertising helps to expand your business by increasing your target market as there are no geographical boundaries for your client base. Local customers can be targeted by joining a group of local businesses. Joining larger communities of like minded businesses can help you to project your business to clients in the worldwide market.
4. The main advantage of Web 2.0 advertising is that it is free of cost. The large amount of money that would otherwise be required for advertisement campaigns does not have to be spent in this case. A global target audience can be created from the comfort of your own office itself.
5. Social networking and utilizing these applications as a promotional tool provides total control to businesses regarding the image and style that they want to project.
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