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4 Steps to Choosing a Network Marketing Business

Mar 28, 2008
The network marketing business is responsible for billions of dollars of sales in goods and services each and every year. You most likely have come in contact with a network marketing company at some point in your lifetime, especially if you have attended a home party at a friend or relatives house. Network marketing is definitely here to stay but the question is "How do YOU choose a network marketing business for yourself?" The choices are endless so here are some ideas for you to consider before jumping in:

1. You want to get in with a company that's been around at LEAST for 5 years, has solid financial backing, excellent management and a "distributor first" philosophy. The company should also have a long-term goal and not just be out for the quick buck. This may sound a little over-zealous at first but you need to be careful. So many companies have the right intentions but barely make it out of the starting gate. You're looking for someone who has been through that "first five years" and have proven themselves. So often potential distributors are told to get in on the "ground floor" but often this ground will cave in leaving many people very unhappy. This doesn't mean you shouldn't give these companies a look, just go into it with eyes wide open.

2. Look for high quality, unique and reasonably priced products or services. Ideally, products that are consumable so that customers have to purchase them over and over again. Unlike "traditional" companies who have to shell out dollar after dollar in advertising (just picture Super Bowl ads), network marketing companies have their distributors advertising for them. This allows the company to make superior products, all things being equal. And it must be a consumable product. The idea is that the customer will be so pleased with their product that once they run out, they'll need to buy more

3. A compensation plan that's fair to both full-time and part-time distributors alike. As mentioned earlier, a successful Network Marketing company will have a "distributor first" philosophy. This should be plainly seen simply by taking a look at the compensation plan. All it takes is some simple math to find out how much you'll need to sell and how many distributors you'll need underneath you in order to be profitable. Most people don't take the necessary time out to do the math and end up getting enamored by the fancy potential income charts put out by the company.

4. Training and support for your team. Many companies do provide training and promotional materials for their distributors but sometimes it's hard to find that balance between product promotion and training. Be wary of companies that charge high prices for their promotional materials. You are investing your money to advertise for them so the company should not seek to make a profit from you here; however, many companies do.

Keeping these 4 ideas in mind before jumping into a network marketing business will do wonders for your sales and your peace of mind as well.
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