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10 Efficient Secrets To Advance With Article Writing

Mar 28, 2008
If you would like to drive traffic to your website, you must write articles about topics that your potential clients are deeply interested about. These articles can easily create interest and attention online that can pave the way in increasing your website traffic and improving your search engine ranking.

Here are the 10 efficient secrets to advance with article writing:

1. Start your articles with teasers or intriguing questions. Pique the curiosity of your readers by asking them thought-provoking questions or introducing interesting teasers. This will encourage your potential clients to read on to either satisfy their curiosity or learn more through your content.

2. Write in a conversational tone. By this, I mean write as if you are directly talking to your readers to make your content engaging. Be spontaneous, occasionally ask questions, or relate your concept using examples or personal story.

3. Use transitional phrases appropriately. This can effectively tie your ideas together to make your article flows smoothly and coherent.

4. Make your articles scannable. As you know, there are few people who read articles word for word. Most of them are just scanning the content to get only the information they need. Help your readers and make your articles easy to skim through by using subtopics, bullet lists, and shorter paragraph for each idea you present on your content.

5. Avoid redundancy. Avoid writing the same information on other parts of your article. Aside from the fact that it will make your articles lengthy, it will also annoy your readers as this can potentially waste their time.

6. Project a professional image on your articles. If you would like to effectively persuade your readers to do business with you, you must make sure that your articles mirror professionalism. Avoid using colloquial terms and proofread your content to make sure that they are free from any kinds of errors.

7. Focus on human interest. When writing your articles, target your readers' emotion. When you do so, your readers will feel that you understand where they are coming from and they will treat you as a friend who is offering a genuine solution so they can get out of their problems and not just a random online entrepreneur selling products to get profits.

8. Be clear about your writing objectives. Before you tap on your keyboard, set your goals first. Are you going to inform, evaluate, make a comparison, observe, persuade or evoke emotions? When you know what you would like to achieve, you can easily adjust the elements of your writing so your article will be targeted to your pre-set goal.

9. Make your articles easy to understand. Unless you are writing for a group of programmers, avoid using highly technical, difficult to understand words. If your readers encounter words that they cannot comprehend, they will lose interest in reading the rest of your article. Stick to simple and easy to understand words so you can easily get your message across.

10. Impress your readers. Deliver what is more than they expect. Make your articles extraordinarily great, spill in more trade secrets, and make them more helpful. Also, make sure that your articles are flawless and scannable. When you are able to wow your readers, they will surely come back for more and they may even recommend you to their friends and family members.
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