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8 Great Ways To Make Money through Article Marketing

Mar 28, 2008
It is no secret that article marketing is currently the best product and website promotional tool in the internet today. Webmasters simply love it as it continues to bring favorable results not only in terms of augmenting traffic, profits and sales leads, but also in securing better ranking on search engines.

Here are the 5 great ways to make money through article marketing:

1. Increase the chances of your articles being picked up and republished by other webmasters by making them all content-rich, informative, useful, attention-grabbing, and keyword-rich. This can potentially increase the number of inbound links for your website that can lead to increased traffic and more sales leads.

2. Create compelling titles. Your headlines are your only tools in getting people to take interest on your articles when they are shown on search page results together with other articles written by different authors. If your titles are attention-grabbing and enticing, your articles will stand better chances of being opened and read.

3. Keep your articles short. People online generally prefer articles that run 300-500 words. Why? Because they are easy on the eyes and more interesting to read compare to lengthy articles. Besides, online users usually do not have much time to spare when they are looking for information over the internet.

4. Keep your sales pitches off your content. Avoid making your articles sound like sales letters. Remember, in order to convince your readers to visit your website is to give them information that they will find useful and relevant to their needs. Reserve your sales pitches for your resource box.

5. Pick the best publishing sites. Submitting your articles online can be a tedious and time-consuming task. It would help if you can identify the article submission sites that can give your articles the exposure they need and just ignore those which do not have steady traffic or not indexed by Google.

6. Make your articles worth reading. Online users will not mind spending time reading an article if they know they can benefit from it. So how can you make sure that your article is worth every single second of your readers' time? First you have to ensure that your content is fresh, useful, informative, and timely. Secondly, it is a must that your article is easy to understand, flows well, concise, and scannable.

7. Your articles must be direct to the point. Your readers will not appreciate not getting valuable information after reading the first 1-3 sentences of your article. They will most likely search for other articles that will give them the information they need in as little time as possible. To make sure that your articles will be fully read, spill the juiciest information on your first paragraph. This will hold the interest of your readers and they will surely read your articles until the end.

8. Don't use article spinning software. Some webmasters who would like to have numerous articles are using these software to rewrite their existing ones. The problem with this method is that, the quality is greatly sacrifice. Remember, the success of your article marketing campaign largely depends on the quality of your articles and if they are not, you will sure not attract traffic to your site and you will greatly damage your online credibility.
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