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The Secret To The MySpace Success

Mar 29, 2008
MySpace is one of the most visited websites on the Internet. Rivals such as FaceBook have successfully duplicated the success of MySpace but globally MySpace is still maintaining its success. But what exactly empowers MySpace to be such a dominant force on the Internet as we know it today?

How MySpace Allows for User Creativity

MySpace was open-ended from the very beginning. The creators of MySpace allowed for users to input images, Flash objects, and even edit their profile's own cascading style sheet (CSS). But the creativity hasn't stopped from its inception in the beginning. Instead, MySpace users have created a wide range of MySpace resources to decorate their profiles with.

The MySpace culture has grown into its own distinct personality. MySpace resource websites now cater to MySpace users by offering custom-made layouts, funny pictures, custom cursors, graphics, CSS styles, and much more. It's hard to find a MySpace that doesn't contain glitter graphics or the abundance of YouTube videos- something you won't find on rival social networking platforms.

MySpace Users Become Educated in The Process of Social Networking

A large benefit MySpace users have over others is experience in web design. Since MySpace allows for users to edit their own CSS, MySpace users are commonly gifted in working their way around the CSS syntax.

MySpace has attracted web designers with this feature, as it's always a great feeling to be able to show friends and family your very own creation. In a sense, it's like having one's very own webpage without all the hassle and costs associated with hosting and domain registration fees.

But for those of whom are just looking for a means of social networking, MySpace resource websites commonly offer MySpace generators that can custom design MySpace layouts with no CSS knowledge necessary. These generators have become fairly advanced since their first inception- with support of editing borders, colors, inserting images, and even performing complex tasks such as rearranging an entire layout from left to right.

MySpace Shows Personality, Allows for Expression

As we can tell from the numbers, MySpace has made a solid formula. They have strove to allow for users to express their creativity from the beginning- something rivals have yet to accomplish. But the creativity goes far beyond the profile, as MySpace users can well confirm.

Proof of the aforementioned expression and creativity is best displayed by numbers. Thousands of MySpace resource websites exist on the Internet. Each one has a plethora of different layouts, styles, graphics, funny pictures, and profile decorations to choose from. If you were to seek the same type of support from rivals such as FaceBook, you'd be hard pressed and wasting your time.

Final Thoughts on the Success of MySpace

MySpace had a very successful business model: let users express themselves as they wish. Competitors of MySpace are kicking themselves in the foot for forgetting that social networking isn't just about comments, About Me sections, and photo galleries it's about expressing one's individuality and staying in touch with friends.

MySpace grows stronger with each coming day, as future generations are catching on to what has become one of the biggest websites on the Internet. What makes this feat truly amazing is that MySpace spans the entire globe; commonly ranking among the top five websites of all the countries on Earth combined. Lesson learned: creativity is the very key to success, and everyone would do well to remember so when writing a business plan.
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