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Motivation For Employees - Winning Tactics

Mar 29, 2008
It's unbelievable to imagine that employee motivation would even be a problem since they are being paid to work right? Well since the common belief among most people (i.e. not in the know) that people are primarily motivated by money is a myth that needs to be exposed. Read on for more motivation for employees tactics.

Bosses and managers have often have a tough time being motivational enough for there employees. If you're wondering about ways to motivate your employees and get their emotion involved with the process, you're not alone. Every boss or manager has struggled with this at some point in their careers. As long as you have people in your employment, there are going to be a few of them who drag their butts and who just can't seem to look forward to coming to work every day.

Award Systems

When researching ways to motivate employees, you will hear a lot about reward systems. However, don't think that this means you have to give them money or buy them things. That's a good way for you to go broke and for your business to go under. Reward based motivations can include anything from a casually dressed Friday to maybe a party in the break room. Or, you might even want to try an employee of the month scenario where the winner gets his or her picture hung on the wall or they might even get a prized parking space. By incorporating these rewards, your employees will want to work hard so that they can get that coveted reward. Play around with it and learn ways to best motivate your employees as everyone is different.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to ways to motivate employees. You just have to keep trying different things until you find one that works. If you're stumped for ideas, pick up a book on the subject of ways to motivate employees as there are many available. However, the basis of ways to motivate employees changes from business to business. What motivates one group of employees might not motivate another, so try and try again and never give up.


Your goal? To start utilizing these principles on a consistent daily basis. Motivating employees is what makes a good boss or manager. Once you have it down and your employees actually like coming to work, you'll see your productivity increase and your business will be booming. Soon, you'll be an expert when it comes to ways to motivate employees and you may even be able to teach others your tactics. Motivation for employees has never been so fun!
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James Redder makes it easy to have a consistent motivational training regimen. To learn more about creating and maintaining a motivational training regimen visit: www.selfmotivationresources.com
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