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Targeted Opt In E Mail Marketing

Mar 29, 2008
Most of the top internet marketers credit there success to e-mail marketing, although it is argued that this type of marketing is dieing simple because of the share volume of individuals doing it but this is not necessarily true. Like everything else there would be the individuals that are successful and there would be those who are not. The question is what makes the difference in success or failure.

If you have been in Internet marketing for or long time or new to it one of the thing you would always here about is "the money is in the list" what this means is that when someone opts in your sales page you earn money from sending e-mails on information on whatever you are promoting and eventually selling them something. Due to spam laws you can't just send information to people who have not requested it so you need to have a system in place to get people to give you there email information this is called opting in.

One of the best ways to get information is to create a squeeze page or sales page with relevant information on your product inviting visitors to leave there name and email address so you can send them updates, e-books or any thing related to your niche market, once you have this information the trick is to build a relationship with your readers to gain there trust because a lot of internet users don't trust Internet marketers but once you have gained there trust they can eventually become loyal customers. This is where the saying comes from "the money is in the list"

In a nut shell e-mail marketing is building a list of people then building there trust then selling them your goods or service. In doing this you would need a very important tool which is auto responder service provider, this is someone who would automatically handle those hundreds or maybe thousands of emails that have to be sent, you don't want after going through all the trouble of getting subscribers to have e-mails being sent to junk files, bouncing or not being delivered and it can really be time consuming to send them out yourself. There are companies that specialize in this service; the most important thing in having an auto responder service provider is it protects you against spam complaints, what is this?

The auto responder service provider company would keep records of all the people that sign up with you so if in the future someone accuses you of spamming (sending information without there consent) you would have the necessary prove that they did consent by opting in, this can avoid your website from being banned or there have even been cases where website owners who have been accused of spamming have been taken to court. So it is very important to have an auto responder if you decide to get into email marketing. If you would like to know more about email marketing check out the link below to get a free copy of "Dotcomology" the art of making money on the internet with your home business.
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