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Dismantling Of Lead Company Authority-The Mystery & Power Is Gone

Mar 29, 2008
As an ex-CEO of a major lead company, I built and sold that company in what I'll call the hay-day of lead companies. For more than a handful of years now, lead companies in a multitude of verticals have seen huge growth and profits. Let me be the first to tell you, if you don't already know, the hay-days are gone.

When I started as a tiny little lead company with only $50 to my name, I didn't realize how easy it was to build massive lead campaigns. The lead industry is in turmoil now and I feel very fortunate to have sold my company in mid 2007. Marketing online has become very process driven. The industry is totally different from just a few years ago. If you learn the online traffic formula, you'll have a whole new perspective of the possibilities of what you can build with lead generation.

Since the mid 1990's I've been creating systems to help companies generate more prospects and customers. The slow down in real estate and financial markets has created an environment that needs more than ever a better way of getting customers. This, combined with an increase of easy access points online to generate leads, is fueling a massive opportunity. Some call it the perfect storm.

Read the news about the music industry and you'll see what the near term future of lead companies has in store. If your a musician who has learned the online traffic formula, then you don't need to signed to a major label. Guess what? As an Entrepreneur, you don't need to buy costly PPC from Google or expensive leads to be successful either. Your like an indie record label out on the internet, building your brand and generating new customers with the simplest of ease.

The best skill set to have in today's marketplace is the ability to generate leads and customers for any business. The knowledge of how to empower another business owner with this ability to generate massive lead campaigns on demand is the most universal opportunity of our time.

Everyday I get up and read the news about the hottest technology for lead generation. The great thing is, this whole industry is changing so fast that windows of opportunity seem to open daily. Every month I go to various internet conferences, seminars and workshops to learn about the hot new tech for lead generation. If anyone, and I mean anyone, masters the skill of lead generation, you can write your ticket to any job, business or industry you want to dominate.

Lead generation is the simplest process after you have learned it. I guess that goes for learning any new skill. It seems hard at first, however, it get easier and easier each time you learn and test a new tactic. Sometimes taking the first step can be the hardest of all. I hope your internet research leads you into a new lead generation mindset.

Gil Ortega is a lead generation expert who trains companies how to build massive lead generation campaigns. You can find him at http://www.learntheonlinetrafficformula.com
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Gil Ortega is a lead generation industry veteran with 15 years experience. He shows businesses how to leverage the internet for massive lead generation.
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