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Advanced Cycles For Advanced Lifters (Part 1)

Mar 29, 2008
It comes to all good lifters in the end that after a lifetime of strength training and you body is in peak form, that it suddenly crosses your mind to just specialise in one particular lift. In fact one good reason for doing this is that we reach a point that we don't grow any more and that all our efforts only serve to maintain our strength and physique, so you might say that we need something different to motivate us.

What you really need to concentrate is your focus and the ability to change it, so instead to killing yourself every session, just do a couple of lifts at 100% and just maintain the rest. The effect on your body will be felt immediately as you you begin to recover a lot quicker and you will actually begin to see progress again.

From a bodybuilding perspective this same approach can be used to bring up a lagging body part and improve balance and symmetry. For most of you this will mean growing some feckin legs! The downside is that you can not expect progress in all lifts, but ask yourself this...would you rather make progress in some lifts or none?

You may not really want to make this change in training so before you do, just make certain that you are in fact doing everything possible to enhance your recovery ability. Take a look at your nutrition and targeted supplements as well as post training recovery methods such as hydrotherapy and massage. you need to follow a well structured training program as well as active rest and you must take a really good look at your lifestyle as maybe it is affecting your recovery time.

If you know you are slacking in your approach to restoration, or your training volume / frequency is inappropriate then sort it out before you go in for a specialised approach such as the one I am about to describe. However, if everything is perfect with your nutrition, restoration etc and you are simply no longer making progress, then give this a try.

Now I am going to allow you to choose the lift you want to specialise in, but don't forget that cable crossovers and triceps kick backs aren't "lifts"! This is what I consider to be a list of lifts that body-builders use for the different related body parts;-

Squat: Posterior chain (erectors, glutes, hamstrings), Quads. Deadlifts: Posteriors chain, quads, traps. Stiff Leg deadlifts: Posterior chain, traps. Bench Press: Pecs, front delts, triceps. Standing Press: Deltoids, triceps. Weighted Chins: Lats, teres, rhomboids, biceps, rear delts.

Part 2 coming soon or just go and find it on the mickhart blog if you cant wait.
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