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Step Three: Identify Future Best Practices for Locating, Anticipating and Adapting to Trend Changes

Mar 29, 2008
This article emphasizes the importance of perceiving your company's potential use of irresistible forces well before the best time to use them. Understanding what will be required in order for your firm to be the first to locate, anticipate, and adapt to shifting irresistible forces will help you achieve an advantaged competitive position. This understanding makes it possible for your business to capture more benefits sooner and avoid future delays and problems longer.

All organizations have some successful methods to locate and anticipate changes in irresistible forces. But what about the future?

Will organizations stall at this current level of skill in locating and anticipating these irresistible force changes? Probably not.

The common desire to improve management processes is one of those irresistible forces that your company must take into account. This desire for improved processes means that customers, competitors, suppliers, and others you interact with are often trying to gain an advantage over your enterprise with regard to irresistible forces, while you strive to gain on theirs.

To be an irresistible growth enterprise that utilizes the future best practices of irresistible force management requires several interrelated accomplishments:

Building benefits for individuals (both inside and outside of your organization) much faster than building benefits for your company or organization.

This is important because a lot of hard work is involved, and the altruistic inspiration of helping others is a key motivation for sustaining the effort required to extend understanding. For example, most people will do more to help their loved ones, than to help themselves. Have that benefit extend beyond your loved ones to others like them, and you will draw on even greater incentive to make breakthrough gains from unstoppable forces.

Don't forget that most people in an organization will act more from their perceived self-interest, than from the company's self interest. Be sure that rewards and recognition encourage the desired behavior, as well.

Building company or organization benefits faster than any other similar enterprise does. The benefit of this is perfectly obvious in creating competitive advantage.

Seek out as many irresistible forces as possible and turning them into assets. The potential benefits of having more benefits grow geometrically in this circumstance.

Creating extreme adaptability to irresistible forces without changing the internal organization's size or shape very much. Adaptability is aided by constancy in the organization as it is constituted.

A sports analogy may be helpful to you. The teams that change the players quite often during the season often have difficulty executing because of miscommunications and unfamiliarity with each other.

You need to learn how to estimate the future best practices for locating, anticipating, and adapting to irresistible forces. Over time, this greater perspective should prove to be decisive versus other enterprises that have less understanding, even if the other organizations start with other substantial advantages such as having more resources and beginning sooner. Without this knowledge you'll find yourself coming late to market with inappropriate solutions, and your business will find itself in an unwinnable game of catch-up.
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