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Website Statistics 3 Reasons You Need Them

Mar 29, 2008
If you are like most webmasters you have read countless articles and eBooks about improving your sites SEO and traffic. Yes, you can buy traffic and ads but the easiest way to know how to improve your website is in your web stats.

Hopefully you know what I am talking about but if not web stats are a set of metrics and information about your site. Most companies that host site provide some built in programs to help. If you have cPanel on your website you have a good start to recording your stats.

There are plenty of free web counters you can get on the web that provide a wealth of information about the visitors to your website. Do a search on the web and look for "free web counter" the sites will give you a free snippet of code to install in your web page. This code records tons of information about your visitors. If analyzed this information can be priceless to you.

Although there are hundreds of things we could talk about the three that first come to mind are:

1. Where your visitor came from
2. What they clicked on
3. How long they stayed

These three web stats might look very simple but if taken advantage of you can optimize how you market your website.

Where your visitors come from is a great example of how your current marketing is working. Are you writing articles and submitting to directories? If yes you should see the result here.

Get on the web and find the top 100 visited websites. Find a way to link to each one of them if possible. Do a search for your keywords and link to every result you can. Some websites survive just on the traffic a website like Wikipedia link can provide.

What your visitors click on your website is like an instant popularity poll. Did you spend hours writing content that no one is clicking on. Don't be stubborn replace or rewrite it.

Go to your favorite article directory and get some content for your site. If you find an article that gets more clicks than others move it to the front page.

How long they stayed is another important indicator from your web counter. If your website sells something get a friend to go to your site and time how long it takes them to complete a sale.

If your visitors are not staying that long you need to change something. Pictures and video can keep your visitors staying longer just make sure it is relevant to your site.

Make sure and plug as many leaks to your site as possible. Keep the links inside your site to keep them searching your site.
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Tim Russell stuggled with getting traffic to his site until he found Free Web Stats
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