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What Is LSI And Does It Matter?

Mar 29, 2008
LSI is an abbreviation for Latent Semantic Indexing, which is essentially a fancy term for an old technology that is being revived for use in search engine algorithms. The purpose of Latent Semantic Indexing is to determine the true meaning behind a website by analyzing the relationships existing between the words that make up its content.

Google is the search engine that is making this concept a reality, beginning to implement this age old technology to better create an understanding of the relationships that link words together in website content.

In essence, what this means is that Google can send it's spiders to your website, and they will sift through all of your website content, looking at each word rather than just the major keywords that are being used repetitively. This is so if your primary keyword is 'salt', Google's search engine spiders can analyze your website to determine if you are referring to Veruca Salt, Table Salt, Sea Salt or Bath Salts.

This is done by looking at other words that you are using in your website content. If Latent Semantic Indexing finds that you are using words like spa, bath, lotion, soaps, and relaxation and so on, then Google will be able to ascertain that you are referring to bath salts rather than dinner salts.

Latent Semantic Indexing is an important technology because it is changing the way search engines look at website content, and making it possible for websites that feature well written, meaningful content to receive better ranks in search engines than content that is simply keyword intensive and nothing else. While this technology is still heavily in its developing stages, it is already showing great progress in improving how the Google search engine works and ranks websites.

Latent Semantic Indexing is definitely showing a lot of potential. Because it ranks websites based on their content and the correct usage of words, people who keyword-stuff their websites will no longer find themselves ranking high in search engines that use this technology. This means a lot for webmasters who know how to utilize well written and relevant website content on their websites. These are the webmasters who will be rewarded with high search engine rankings and placement because these are the websites that offer content that web surfers are looking for.

There are a number of reasons for why webmasters should utilize LSI when creating their website content and blog content, and here are three of the most prevalent -

3 - Webmasters are no longer required to stuff their website content with keywords and key phrases, which also means there will be no more competing between similar companies to "win" the most important keywords, because when it comes to latent semantic indexing, keywords are only part of the equation. Instead, webmasters can focus on writing content that flows naturally, and that is informative rather than stuffed full of illegible keywords.

2 - If you are trying to deliver real content to your readers, latent semantic indexing makes it easier for web surfers to find you. If your website uses keywords, phrases and content related to "Chile peppers", and Latent Semantic Indexing indicates that the key term "Chile peppers" is related to the key term "hot peppers", then any time a web surfer searches for "hot peppers", search engines like Google will be prompted to return your website as a result even if the keywords do not perfectly match. Not only does this help webmasters get seen - It helps web surfers finally find exactly what they need, the first time.

1 - Webmasters who focus on writing meaningful, useful and relevant content for their websites will finally be rewarded. Rather than having to compete for the best keywords just to see a glimpse of a good rank in popular search engines like Google, webmasters will finally be rewarded with high page ranks simply because they are offering authority sites on a subject, delivering the content people want to read. This concept is revolutionizing the search engine concept, and finally putting the right websites in the right ranks.

Latent Semantic Indexing is a technology with a lot of potential. If you are not already utilizing the concept of this technology when writing your website content, you are missing out on serious progress that will change the face of how internet searches are conducted drastically.
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