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Earning An Income From Your E-Book Through Affiliate Marketing Or Supporting Your Home Business

Mar 29, 2008
Obviously every time you sell your ebook, you will earn money. But that should not, by any means, be the end of the story. Of course, you should seek to sell as many copies of your e-book as possible, but what if you could earn money by giving it away?

There are 2 ways of doing this:

1. List Building
2. Viral Marketing

Imagine this, what if you wrote an ebook that deal with a particular niche market? Let us take an example. How about this? You have decided to exploit your knowledge of the local golf course and you have written an ebook containing a green by green description, together with some anecdotes about its history and some of the characters who frequent the fairways. It is entertaining, and you can grab the local market and maybe the tourist market too.

Let me make it clear, I am not a golfer, so apologies if I mistakenly use the wrong terms. I use this purely as an example.

So, if you sell you ebook, then you will earn so much a copy and that many people will own a copy. Full Stop.

Let us look at the other alternatives.

If you are developing an online business then it is essential that you build a membership of customers interested in your products. Giving your ebook away in return for enrolment to your membership list means that you will develop a list of potential customers that you can directly communicate with - anytime.

If you create a new product, or learn of one from which you can earn a commission, you can let your list know and generate income. Maintaining their interest through interesting information and give-aways, means that you earn their loyalty and they will be more likely to view your recommendations with interest. As your list grows, the opportunities grow for you too.

Managing a membership list takes time and effort, but anyone active in Internet marketing will tell you how important they are.
You can manage your list using your own email software, and while the list is relatively small, this would be the way to start. However, you will soon have to deal with a growing number of applications. Additionally, while your email address is available on a website, you will gain the unwanted attention of the spammers, and your inbox will quickly fill up with even more Spam! The easiest way is to automate the whole process using an autoresponder.

Now it is time to introduce you to the power of viral marketing.
So, what if you were to give your ebook away, and encourage everyone you gave it to, to give it away too.. and, let us take it further, you persuade the golf course pro-shop to offer it as a free download on their website.. and the local tourist office too, all with the same permission to pass it on. Then the number of readers of your e-book is going to grow..and grow and grow.

But where does your money come from?

Well, the answer is that within your ebook you include reference to products that you recommend and your readers may be interested in. And you earn a commission for any products your readers buy.
Both of these techniques are definitely worth considering as alternatives for earning income from your hard written ebook. Obviously the best option is a combination of both combined with direct sales to really boost your ebooks readership and maximise your income.
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