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How To Make Writing Articles A Snap

Mar 29, 2008
All throughout school you did it. You had to, if you wanted to graduate, after all. Writing articles isn't all that different from the process involved in writing all of those papers you used to do in school. Even though we all have some experience in it, writing is a job many find distasteful. Facing up to the task of writing is not something a lot of people are eager to do, even when it could mean benefits for them or their company.

Not everyone would rather have a poke in the eye than have to write an article, but people who feel that way do exist. Having a methodology and being well prepared for writing is what sets those who can tackle the job from everyone else.

If you have to write an article, get yourself prepared by creating an outline before you get started. If you create an outline for all of your articles you will be much more equipped to take on the job. If you know exactly what you plan to do, the job will be easier and take much less time to complete.

Basically, your outline is a sort of blueprint for your article. It will walk you thought the structure of your article from introduction to conclusion. While making your outline, write down any ideas or phrases that you think may work well in the article you are planning. You may even find yourself coming up with the crux of the whole article while you make your outline.

A well planned article is one that will go smoothly. Creating an outline for all of your articles will also let you complete your work much faster. Read on to learn some tips on how to create an outline for all of your articles.

Do a little brainstorming to begin with; write down all of your best ideas. You're going to have to think of how to attract and keep the interest of readers. Set a time limit for this; otherwise you risk falling into the procrastination trap as so many do when tasked with writing articles. You should do your research prior to brainstorming. Have a look over your research notes to make sure the relevant points are fresh in your mind when you begin writing.

Next, determine what your subtopics and subtitles will be. Just like you need an eye catching headline for your article, you also need them for your subtopics. You need to use facts that support the points made in your article.

These form a framework for your article which now needs to be fleshed out. These are the words which will put all of the components you have planned and built together. Now, all you need is your conclusion, which should sum up and reiterate the theme and major points made in your article.

You should write a rough draft first. You'll refine your article as you go and end up with a better article for the extra effort you've put in.

Remember to read your article thoroughly, a few times if possible. Using your outline as a reference while writing will help you keep on track. Ideally, you have put a lot of time and effort into your outline, so use all of that work to your advantage as you write your article.
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