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What is the Best eBusiness Automation Solution?

Mar 29, 2008
From setting up a shopping cart and accepting credit cards, to tracking your visitor's journey from Prospect to Client - it all takes time - and if you're anything like me, you're just finally realizing that you need an ebusiness automation solution.

There are a few things to consider when choosing an ebusiness automation system, but three are most to Internet business owners. They are most concerned with Ease of Use - Will this take a day or a week to set up? Worse yet, is it so complicated I will have to Pay someone to set it up; A Complete Solution - Does the provider only handle my shopping cart or does it offer me a complete solution (Digital Product delivery, Affiliate Program Management, Ad-Tracking, Auto-responders, etc.); Price - Is it affordable? Do I have to pay separately for all of my e-commerce needs?

What are your options? Looking at three popular solutions, One payment processor is pretty easy to use. Opening an account isn't that hard and adding payment buttons to your website doesn't require a vast knowledge. A second payment processor is more complicated, but it has more features. There is really only one ebusiness automation system that offers the best of both worlds. It's simple to set up and they offer guarantee that it will be up and running on your site within 57 minutes. That really sets them apart from their competition. They are the complete ebusiness automation system, with tons of useful features outside of credit card processing.

Who offers a complete solution? Services such as PayPal really lose out in this category. You can accept credit cards through their site, but that's about it. There's a redirect option for digital products but it does nothing to protect them. A few services do offer some features outside of credit card processing but only if you choose their more expensive plans. Complete ebusiness automation systems are by far the best in this category. With them, you can accept credit cards, manage your affiliates, deliver digital products, set up auto-responders, track your ads, and more. They have bundled services that allow them to grow with your business.

What about the cost? Some single service providers charge a percentage per transaction and some charge a flat rate of nearly one hundred dollars per month for their full services. But some complete integrated ebusiness automation systems offers a full suite of features for less than what it would cost you to obtain a single service from some providers.

It's is easy to see that an integrated ebusiness automation system is the choice for many Internet marketers. For just one price you can get: Secure Real Time Ordering/ Credit Card Processing, Ad Trackers and Sales/ROI Calculators, Affiliate Program Solution, Digital Product Delivery, Email List Management, Autoresponders and a Customer Care Center. An ebusiness automation system with all of these features really mean less time and effort spent running your Internet business.
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