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Does Your Website Accept Credit Card Payments?

Mar 29, 2008
No internet business today can hope to survive if it is unable to accept credit cards online; to make e commerce a reality the service had to be created quickly.You can't run an online business by taking checks or money orders; lost business and long term custom will be the result. Not accepting online payments is not a way to retain customers; caring about what your customers want is the key to success.

If you don't find a way to have the order paid for immediately, customers will just leave your site in droves. All successful online businesses know their customers are looking for a website that accepts credit cards online and expects an order to be dispatched the same day; they know that their customers are looking for fast service when they are shopping on their site. If you have built an internet based company with a website that sells, you must arrange online payments as soon as it goes live if not before.

Although there are a variety of ways to accept credit cards online, not all of them will be a viable proposition; however, due to the cost involved in setting up some of these, many site owners are reluctant to use all of them. Because it is possible to use more than one method to accept credit cards online, many larger internet businesses use more than one system to attract additional customers.

PayPal, Is leading The Way For online Credit Transactions

A simple system is just to accept cards in the same way as a regular shopping outlet would; alternatively you can use PayPal to accept online transactions. Although PayPal is fairly new as it was only created to work with eBay originally, it is not as common as other methods of online payment. Its popularity is however, growing very fast.

A person can use their credit card in their PayPal account as it makes check out a simple process; many internet users prefer to use this system over others. The only way to keep customers is by supplying a safe online payment service for them to purchase your products or service; providing a safe and secure environment to accept payments is paramount to any online business.

Internet identity fraud is a problem, so visitors need to know that their personal information is encrypted and not accessible by people who would use it for their own ends. You can see an https:// beginning to any web address that has a secure setting. If you want to accept credit cards online you have to have this facility or your customers will most definitely think twice before they put their information in your ordering system. With internet fraud being one of the top concerns on the internet it is your responsibility to make your customers feel safe and secure when they place an order otherwise they will leave and order elsewhere.
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