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Cheap Domain Name Registration

Mar 29, 2008
Invitations for cheap domain registrations can be pretty alluring, especially if you are desperately in need of a domain but short on the moolah. Some might say that going for a cheap domain name is a bad choice through and through, since going for a cheap domain name ultimately means compromising on the quality. However, some people would beg to differ. There are a lot of domain name providers out there right now, and all you need is due diligence if you really want to weed out the cheap but reliable domain name registrars from the bad ones.

It is actually very easy to look for cheap domain names on the web. Just google in "cheap domain registration' and there you go, a long, long list of cheap domain registration opportunities to choose from. However, do not fall for the cheapest domain name registrar on the list. If you are not the world's ultimate cheapskate then you are safe. But not all people are that sensible and that is why you have to be careful. You would not want to do this if you want to make sure that your site will get everything that it needs. Cheap domain name registrars are either scams or they might offer your limited services which you will only find out about once you have signed up with them.

This leads you to the next and more important decision. How do you choose the right domain registrar? It is easy to fall prey to countless scams that abound online but after you have found out which registrars are legit and which to avoid, you also need to know which cheap domain name registrar fits your needs.

The problem with cheap domain name registrars is that they have a limited number of services to offer than those that cost more but can actually give you more. Some cheap registrars may be totally legit, but now you have to look at what your site needs, and often that means going for something that costs a little bit more for that extra feature that your site needs. You can still choose a domain site registrar that is pretty cheap, it should also offer you all the things that you need for your site.

The most important thing to do this is to do your research. The Internet is a big place, and you need to do a lot of surfing and reading to find your domain name registrar that looks, feels, and sounds legit and right for you. Find out how long the registrar has been in business. Ask around. Do a background check on the registrar that you are interested in, and see if you come with good or bad reviews about the company. Look for clearly-stated policies and terms of use for users on the site, and make sure that the site is regularly monitored. Asking real people about the domain registrars that they trust can narrow your search considerably. Usually you can tell if a registrar is reliable or not by the number of its satisfied customers.
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