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How To Find The Best UK Jobs

Mar 29, 2008
Searching to find the perfect job is both incredibly exciting and at the same time slightly daunting. Although your search for a new job can open up a whole new range of possibilities it can also be slightly daunting as finding a job that suits you perfectly can be like finding a needle in a haystack and as a result when you do come across something that looks like it will be perfect for you there is a certain amount of anxiety as you try and make sure that you get it.

It is well worth investing time and effort into your jobs search. This may sound like it will make the process long and boring but this need not be the case. If you can approach the whole process with enthusiasm then you will reap the benefits of finding the perfect job - don't despair, it is out there! So what is the first thing that you need to do?

Write A CV

Writing a CV is one of the most important aspects of a job search. If you can get it right then the people you send it to will bite your hand off to give you an interview. Getting it right is not that difficult. The best thing you can do is find an example CV from the internet and use it as a template. You can then fill in the different fields with your personal details. The thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that you are positive and that you sell yourself.

You need to focus on the skills you have and demonstrate the roles and responsibilities that you held in your previous jobs. No one else will be able to explain how fantastic you are and if you don't put it on the CV then the potential employer will not be able to guess. You need to make the CV interesting and exciting and if you get bored writing it imagine how an employer will feel reading it. Try and add as much personality into the template as possible and don't be afraid to speak up about your positive points. Be as arrogant as you feel comfortable with.

Get it out there

Don't be too precious about the jobs that you apply for. Don't be shy - apply to as many as you possibly can even if they do not sound perfect. You are likely to find that you can't tell whether you will enjoy the job until you have been to the workplace and met a few of the people involved.

Often the job adverts can be misleading and a job that sound really dull can be great if it is a good working atmosphere and there are people that you get on with. Conversely the perfect job in the paper may not be so perfect when you have been to visit the workplace. So make sure that you apply to as many places as possible - that way you are more likely to find a great job. Even if you decide against taking the job it will be great experience.

Nail the interview.

The interview can be one of the most anxious of all parts of the process. You need to battle the nerves and show the levels of confidence that demonstrate how great you really are. The first practical thing you can do is wear something smart. It is said that employers make a decision about whether or not to employ you subconsciously within seconds. You need to make sure that their snap judgment is favourable. A good choice of clothing, broad smile and firm handshake could well seal the deal and land you that dream job.
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Shaun Parker has been involved in the Jobs industry for many years and is fully aware of the pitfalls you may face when you are looking for UK jobs. To find out more visit the need a job site.
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