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Binders in Our Lives

Aug 17, 2007
Have you ever lost track of your appointments? Or the telephone number of an important business contact? Then the binder is for you. Unknown to a lot of people, a binder can serve many purposes, most of which are for us to organize our daily lives.

Students carry them around, writing notes and scribbling lessons during their classes. Businessmen use them to keep track of their appointments and organize their business contacts. Ah, the things that we can do with our binders are endless.

If you are a mother of four teenagers, it may be difficult to track each of them, given their erratic schedules. So you better keep a binder for the whole family. You can use a large notebook and subdivide it to different sections. Assign the first section to appointments. Is there a football game you are supposed to watch? Or a PTA meeting you need to attend? Or a dental appointment you have to keep? Write them down on your family binder.

Next, assign a small appointment calendar for each of the family members. This way, you can see where your boy or girl hangs around. Another section could be devoted to important dates such as birthdates, anniversaries, and other holidays. Lastly, keep a list of important telephone numbers. Write down the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your children's friends. This way, you can easily track them down if they ever get late for a family dinner.

If you are a hobbyist and you want to organize your stamp collection, think of a less expensive stamp album and use a ring binder with plastic sheets to hold your collection. You don't have to buy the expensive and elaborate albums found in crafts stores. You can add notes, labels, captions, and other decorations to personalize your collection even more. You just need to be creative, and add decorations and embellishments to your album and what you have is a unique stamp collection no one else but you can create!

If you also love to do craft, you can create your own binder out of simple, plain notebooks which are widely available in most office supply shops. As in the family binder, you can also divide the notebook into different sections according to your daily activities. You can add or modify the sections and include personal mementos such as pictures, stickers, and labels to personalize your binder.

If you love to collect newspaper and magazine clippings on certain topics, use a binder with clear plastic sheets to store your clippings. The plastic sheets will keep your clippings organized, and protect them as well.

A sports enthusiast? Do you run or jog on a regular basis? Keep track of your mileage in your binder. You can even see if you are doing progress in running or not. You can also keep a list of sports events and marathons where you can participate.

If you are into buying and selling of various goods, you binder will surely be an asset to your sales. Assign a section for each product and list the activities involved with it. Include contact persons such as clients, forwarders, messengers, and potential business partners. You can even add a section on products which has great potential for profit.

Through time, binders have been enhanced and replaced by more sophisticated gadgets such personal digital assistants, but the record keeping feature of a notebook binder is simply classic. To write on your binder and be able to read it months or even years later brings a recollection no electronic gadget could replace.
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