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Work at Home Entrepreneurs. It's Time to Get Focused

Mar 29, 2008
Work at home jobs are some of the most misrepresented internet opportunities around. Are all work at home opportunities scams? If I do the proper research and find a credible opportunity, are there marketing tools, training, and other support mechanisms in place to help me succeed? The answer is Yes. There is numerous ethical businesses with systems in place that can be easily duplicated to get you off and running.

Joining the work at home business arena starts with a clear defined vision of our entire life; work, family, friends, community service and so on. Without a vision we all walk blindly in a forest of every day tasks. Ideas come and go, but we have no compass to guide us through the forest. Are you feeling like you're caught in the forest? Take some time to visualize your ideal life. What would a perfect day look like for you? Imagine it in full color. Fill in all the details. Then write it down and put it in a conspicuous place, a place that you visit daily. For example, I placed my list on my computer as a screen saver. For me, this is a place I visit daily.

A piece of the puzzle that many work at home entrepreneurs neglect is building a solid support Team. Fill your life with people that can help you achieve your goals. Start with securing a like-minded mentor. Ask around and locate a mentor that specializes in your niche. If for some reason a particular mentor doesn't meet your expectations, don't spend needless time worrying, just go out and interview other work from home mentor's until you find one that fully supports your new exiting venture.

It's ironic, but as parents, we tend to be nurturing, caring, careful and cautious. It's great for raising our children, but not for creating your ideal work at home life style. Sure it's scary to leave your comfort zone, but consider it an outstanding opportunity instead. Ask yourself, if I were guaranteed success in my dream business, what would I do? Why not do for yourself what you do for your children every day? Nudge yourself to try something new. Challenge yourself. Don't be afraid of failing. Just accept it as part of the learning curve and let it go. Get back up and proceed forward.

Remember, working at home is a business, and like any business it's the owner (you) who is responsible to make things happen. So do your homework, find that special business that has a proven marketing system that is easily duplicated, surround yourself with an expert support team and catapult your business to the next level.
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