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Three Top Tips On How You Can Build A Successful Downline

Mar 30, 2008
Today, multilevel marketing, also known as MLM or network marketing, has become a very different animal from years previous because of the Internet. However, many still struggle with knowing how to be successful multilevel marketers. How can you recruit people for MLM in the best way? If you're having a lack of success, you're not alone. There are three tips on how you, too, can help build a successful downline.

Tip number one: Change the way you think. People fail for many reasons, but one of the chief reasons is that they simply think they're going to. Be comfortable with thinking outside of your "comfort zone," and be prepared for some discomfort as you adjust to a new business. Just because you're struggling when you start doesn't mean you're not cut out for MLM. Many people who struggle to begin with became successful multilevel marketers.

Most people think that MLM is all about sales. It's true that sales are part of it, but you also have to keep in mind that you have to keep recommending and promoting products to a potential downline as well, so that others come on board under you.

One of the best ways to become a successful MLM person is to mentor and coach your downline. To build your downline, you are going to have to help the people under you be successful. You have to be as interested in their success as you are in your own, because their success actually means your success will happen to a greater degree.

Tip number two: Generate your own leads. Many people who engage in MLM buy leads, but this isn't the best way to build your business or your downline. Many leads lists are sold to many different companies, so that a particularly hot prospect to you might already have gotten a lot of other calls from other companies and either be burned out on the idea or have gone with someone else.

When you recruit for MLM, you can't duplicate the system and use it over and over. You can't pay $100 a lead (which, yes, some people are doing) and expect to make a return on that investment a fair amount of the time, much less even most of the time. It's simply not worth the investment.

When you generate your own leads, not only do you know the people you're speaking to have not been approached again and again by other companies, but you have a vested interest in talking with them about this opportunity. This makes you much more interesting to talk to because you're not just trying to sell them on something (and if you are, stop it right now, since this will only make future prospects run away), but you really want to give them a chance to jump in on a good opportunity.

Tip number three: If you've seen your company's main building, have a good look at it. How big is it? If the building itself is quite large with a lot of staff, the company has to be doing quite well to pay the bills and upkeep. However, there's another caveat to this, which is that this type of upkeep might take away from the company's compensation for its MLMers. Therefore, it's good to know that the company itself is somewhat established (since it's got a large building it houses the business headquarters in), but you also want to take care that you as an independent associate are not being shortchanged because of costs and upkeep.

Bottom line, make sure you and the people under you in your downline are putting time and effort into a company with a good strong work ethic and reputation. You need to make sure that your compensation and that of those under you is adequate and can truly lead you to success.

By following these few tips and keeping your eyes open so that you will learn as much as you can, you should be able to be successful in MLM, as so many before you have been.
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