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The 7th Lost Rule of Network Marketing Success

Mar 30, 2008
As you begin to realize the true power of network marketing, you will deeply understand the value of your associations with other people. Take a look around you and do an inventory of all the people in your life. Sit back for a moment, close your eyes, and think of the 5 most positive influences in your life.

Think of the people that are the happiest, the wealthiest, the most giving, and the least stressed out. Think about the people that know other great people, the people who have an abundance of love, prosperity, and financial wealth.

These are the people you truly admire, and possibly seek to model your life after.

Now think of one person that you do not know personally, or maybe someone you have met once that you look up to or would like to know. What is it about this person that you admire? What qualities, does he or she posses that you aspire to have? What is it that compels you to want to know this person?

Now think of someone in your life that is the polar opposite of that first person. They have a negative influence on your life, they drag your energy down, and they are constantly complaining about the circumstances they are in. This person usually knows plenty of other negative people, and they are constantly talking about their problems, what is not working in their lives, and why it is someone else's fault.

Just notice that the very thought of each of those people probably changed your energy level and emotion.

Most of us have both of these kinds of people somewhere around us, and unfortunately the negative ones are sometimes our friends or family members. The truth is, the more you associate yourself with negativity in your life, the more you will attract other like-minded negative people. This is not conducive to building a strong profitable network marketing organization. Know that it is not your job or responsibility to change others, we all know by now that is not possible!

The law of attraction says you attract into your life what you think about most. In conjunction with this, you begin to think, act, and talk like the people you hang around with most. If you do not eliminate or at least limit your association with negative people, no matter how long you have known them, it will severely inhibit your chances of making it in this industry. The more negative influences you have, the more likely you are to fail.

Understanding this concept is often very difficult for some people to grasp. Most of us don't want to just end relationships with people, and we certainly aren't going to change them. So are we stuck with these people forever? What can we do?

If you are one of these people that is holding on to negative relationships in your life read these words closely, and possibly read them more than once until you internalize and understand:

Like-minded attracts like-minded.

The more you associate with negative people, the more likely you are to attract them, and the more likely you are to become one yourself.

A negative person will NEVER be successful in network marketing.

That's worth saying again

A negative person will NEVER be successful in network marketing.

This may sound harsh to you and it probably sounds even worse to those people who fit the description.

While playing MLM The Game people's true colors shine, how someone plays and reacts in the game is usually exactly how they act and react in real life. It is powerful knowledge for you to have about your team.

If you have trouble disassociating with the people who are dragging you down, here are a few suggestions:

Meet new, positive minded people;
One of the easiest ways to get rid of negative people is to attract more positive people into your life. The wrong people can't stand the right environment for too long.

Keep yourself busy;
You have a new business to run, and you don't have time to facilitate complaining or negative energy. The more time commitments you have with others who are positive, the less time you will have time for the people who drain your energy.

Revisit your Why;
If your Why is powerful enough you will have no problem cutting off negative people in your life. Ask yourself this question: "Why would I let anyone stop me from achieving my dreams?" This is what negative associations will do. They will become major roadblocks on your journey to success. We want you to be triumphant! They need to jump on the steamroller with you, or become part of the pavement. There are no exceptions.
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Anders Gustavsson
Infinite Synergy Learning Systems

The Infinite Synergy team developed MLM The Game, and has been involved helping home-business entrepreneurs build strong relationships and succeed faster through playing this game since 2003'. Please visit this mlm training tools website at www.mlmthegame.com for details.
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