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The 8th Lost Rule of Network Marketing Success

Mar 30, 2008
Give yourself and others positive and deserving recognition often.

If you work in a traditional business or you know some one who does, ask this question:

"When was the last time someone in leadership publicly recognized me or one of my co-workers for a job well done?"

Although some businesses are learning, it is still common for most people that this has never happened. If you do remember a time recently, you are working for a great company. Think back to how that made you feel, or if it was someone else, notice the way they felt when appreciation was showed to them. Chances are they felt really good about it. Maybe they even blushed.

Why do people blush when they get publicly recognized?

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute suggests the following:

"Most studies about blushing have been conducted by psychologists, and the findings so far suggest that blushing is a response to undesired social attention. Self-consciousness is the only feeling universally associated with blushing."

Why is this relevant to you and your business? We want to point out the fact that recognition is uncommon in our society. People are not used to being publicly praised, so they get embarrassed or uncomfortable when it happens. Fortunately, that feeling of embarrassment is short lived and ultimately leaves people feeling good about themselves. People get uncomfortable when they experience things they are not used to - but you can guarantee this: if you praise someone publicly, even though they may feel a little discomfort at first, they will most definitely feel good about it afterwards. Over time people really appreciate it, and you can bet that you'll build better relationships. You may even notice others modeling your behavior, and showing you and their team members some recognition.

The fact is that public and positive recognition is one of the best things you can do for anyone in your organization. Not only does it enhance their credibility in the eyes of others, but more importantly it boosts their self-confidence.

We developed a fun board game for Network Marketing called MLM The Game. Before you begin playing MLM The Game you will set short term goals and write down your rewards for reaching those new positions in your "play company." As you reach these goals you will be recognized and rewarded with the things that you previously wrote down. As you reach new virtual positions the players surrounding you also have an opportunity to recognize your efforts.

Try this: The next time you notice someone doing something good, big or small, in your business or personal life, take note of it. In the next opportunity you have, let them and others around you know how impressed you are, and how you admire that persons performance. It may seem uncomfortable at first but that's only because you are not used to it. If you make this a common habit, you will also naturally find others recognizing your efforts as well. Just notice how this will create a magnetic force drawing quality people around you.

With consistent practice giving and receiving recognition will come naturally. When genuine positive recognition takes place, straight from the heart, it leaves everyone feeling good, so why not do it more often? Try it, and see what happens!
About the Author
Anders Gustavsson
Infinite Synergy Learning Systems

The Infinite Synergy team developed MLM The Game, and has been involved helping home-business entrepreneurs build strong relationships and succeed faster through playing this game since 2003'. Please visit this network marketing tools website at www.mlmthegame.com for details.
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