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How To Derive Maximum Benefit Out Of Article Submission

Mar 30, 2008
AS we know, Article Submission one of the more popular methods of "Organic Search Engine Optimization" which helps in generating quality targeted traffic and back links to a site. Apart from this, Article Submission is a great way to let readers know more about your business and what unique services you can offer them.

In the fact, Article Submission can help all types of businesses, be it an Internet based Company or a florist that is looking to create additional exposure to its site through higher search engine rankings or by generating targeted traffic. It's only after you test article submission services for yourself that you will realize that article submission is a very strong, yet cost effective way to generate enormous amounts of targeted traffic and back links!

If you can pen down a good article yourself and don't know how to start your article submission campaign, you can use these simple article-submission steps as a guideline, and create your own article submission plan that will work best for you. But However, the key for your article submission campaign to be successful is not just creating quality, informative and creative articles, but you must also submit them to the right places in the right manner so that your desired audiences can find them. If you're not sure how to write quality informative articles that bring out the best information about your business, you can hire a professional to do that for you.

Pay Attention To The Quality Of The Article

For article submission to be successful, the directories and syndicates will have to approve your article first. For this, you need to make sure that your article is a genuine quality article and not a sales letter!

Rather your article ought to be informative and should be of some value to the reader and not just to your business! Many a times, I have come across an article where some company is telling me they will offer this and that. I wonder how can any one term those as articles but they rather look like ad campaigns to me! You can be rest assured that your article will be plainly rejected by most of the article directories and syndicates. You should avoid using any kind of promotional language.

Tip: Avoiding using any kind of promotional language in your article. The stress should be on educating the readers. Thus your aim should be value addition and not selling your product or service. Submit Your Article To The Most Appropriate Category Accompanied By The Right Keywords

How to Choose the right set of category plays a very important role in maximizing your exposure through article submission.

Just like humans, every directory is different. Thus, you need to understand the nature of each directory. Same category may represent different set of audiences for different directories. Thus you must have a comprehensive set of categories to classify your business. The same applies for keywords. It should always be exhaustive rather then appropriate. However, you should always try and limit the number of keywords to utmost ten.

Tip: For example, my site, WordsDeals.com might be appropriate for the category "Internet" in one general directory and might be appropriate for "Traffic Generation" in another.

Remember, The Article Must Be Accompanied By An "Author Bio"

Your Author Bio (Or About Author) can make or break the goal of your article submission campaign! Believe it or not, but your Author Bio is probably the most important part of your whole article writing and article submission campaign! You must let your readers know about yourself and that you're the expert. Mostly all directories will allow you to put a link to your site. Take advantage of this! Infact, you can use this as a tool to generating link back to any inner page of your site. Thus, giving you the desired optimizing opportunities.
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