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How To Benefit From Expiring Domains

Mar 30, 2008
To be successful on the internet you must have a web site with a good amount of traffic. These days everybody knows that traffic is a king. So all search engines are queens. So who are you then? A princes or prince? Or you are someone forgotten on the side of the big money road? Just don't get lost among the road signs and look for some right exit. And here I want to tell you about one of these exits which is about domains which are about to expire.

Why expiring domains could be useful for you? Very simple - you are looking for visitors and those domains already have human traffic. Some of them have a lot some not. Most of domains come with a good ranking in search engines and therefore with a real human traffic and not bots.

Now you think how long it will take for you to promote website on completely fresh domain? Yes it will take some time depend on search engine. And more important is how much it will cost you? I think money and time are key players and you should consider it. For example for a few hundred dollars you can buy domain with good Google page rank of 4 or 5. Now sit down and calculate how much money you have to invest to get this page rank promoting your website? I guess a lot more.

When you buy expiring domains you must keep in mind that what this for. I can say that there are a few major way you can use it. The simple way is just buy it and redirect all traffic to your main domain and wait till this traffic disappears. Another way is to build website on it and let search engines to maintain its existence. This way is more time consuming, as well as you need to invest some more money to keep promotion. But that will a good jump start for your main website. Just make sure that you find a good domain name.

So how do you find those qualifying domains? Yes it is not very simple. Domain registrars delete everyday hundred of thousand domains which means that you have to check all of them to find out a few you may consider to buy for yourself. But before I tell you how to look at it I will point when it is a good time to buy.

So which domains we may call expiring? If you are not in this game already then I will tell you: these are domains which past their renewal date but registrars are holding them for some time allowing the current owner to renew it. If some owners do not renew their domains for some reason then registrars lock those domains for the deletion.

During locking time registrars try to sell these domains to public. And this is the time you have to check for ranking. Manual check is required, but before you need to find some tool which will scan thousand of those domains and let you know if domain with page rank and back links found.
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Piter Gurski works for Expiring Domains Page Rank Checker at where you may research for new expiring domains and use page ranking tools on your own website to let your visitors instantly check page rank at http://www.prtag.com/pagerank-checker-tag.php
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