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How To Shop And Save On Internet

Mar 30, 2008
It is time to save; everyone knows that penny saves a dollar. In these days when not only US economy is straggling but whole world is time to think how to make money saving them. All people do this in their own way. If you don't care about money and savings you probably don't have to read this. Just go and spend your money.

Some folks cut coupons from news papers or magazines and then got to store to buy things with discounts. Others bargain with sellers at the local market when they buy food or other goodies. I want to talk how to save money when you shop on internet.

I don't know why but most of us believe that stuff on internet much cheaper than in local store. I believe it is not always the true. It depends on what stuff you buy, from whom and when. So let's start from the beginning.

So before you involve in any internet related transaction what you have to do is research. First research information about the thing you are going to buy. You may go to search engine and type keyword and see want search results will bring to your yes. Then you click on endless links and see that all sites are not what you exactly looking for.

I prefer to use comparison shopping. Yes I am talking about websites that offer lots of products from many merchants. To use them is very simple - just type a keyword related to your product and you will get all products with its prices in front of your eyes. What you can do is just look at prices to choose cheapest one. You can do it very easy at such comparison hopping portals. You may also read people opinions about merchants, see their ratings. Now look at other fees you may pay such as shipping and handling, tax.

You may want to add shipping cost to their price you have choose, also add tax if it is required by some states. Now look what is your total against the price you pay at local store. You may think yea, I know that. But do not rush; there are some other things to consider.

It is time to check the product reviews and see how good quality it is. If it is not then probably you might have a good chance to return this item. What does it mean to you? You will have to pay shipping back to the merchant for replacement or return. Now you have to add this shipping to the item, and see if it is still cheaper than buy from local store.

Also keep in mind if you don't like the product you have bought you have to completely return it and forget it. So in this case you must forget about the shipping fees you pay to ship the item to you and what you must pay when you ship it back. So in this case you lose money and still have no product. But in this case you may consider buying it from local store. So you will support local community as long as all stores pay tax to local government.

As you can see that comparison shopping websites can be very helpful in your decision to make right chose where to buy things and save.
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Piter Gursko writes for many portals including http://baytrade.com Comparison Shopping Portal which offer comparison shopping services for many merchants and mega portals. Baytrade is one place for millions of products at http://www.baytrade.com
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