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Email Marketing And Your Business

Mar 30, 2008
I ordered some goods online through an online store and agreed to let them keep in touch via email. What they have done with my email address is amazing! Every week they send me genuine special offers that are only available for people that shop on their internet website.

Subsequently I have spent a lot of money on their website. I would not have spent this money if they did not have an effective email marketing campaign. The great thing about an email marketing campaign is that you reach your target market place with almost zero costs involved.

How can you use email marketing in your business? It is not half as difficult as it sounds and the results could blow you away!

Building an Opt in Email List:

Ask your customers permission to send them regular emails. It is important that you only send emails to the customers that say yes and make sure you include in every email you send, an easy way to unsubscribe. Use special email addresses that have just been set up purely for your email marketing campaign. Do not use your standard business email addresses just in case some people mark your emails as spam.

Offer something for free to people that give you permission to market to them. This doesn't have to be anything expensive. You could give something like a free e-book to visitors of your website that opt in to receive your marketing material.

Run regular competitions and make sure the entry form clearly asks for their email address and has an opt out box for people that do not want to receive regular offers and other marketing material.

You can buy email lists from companies that have taken great care to make sure that all the subscribers have opted in to receive special offers and marketing material. This is a cost effective way to build a huge list. It is important where you buy your list as you only want to target businesses and potential customers that have a need for your products.

If you have an online store, add a link that offers special deals for customers that agree to opt in tour marketing campaign. Make the offers exclusive so that the customer feels it has been worth their while signing up.

Persuading the Customer to Buy:

The more you personalize your emails the better. You have a much higher chance of people opening your emails if the business name and / or their first name are in the subject heading.

Do not give up after your first mail shot as repetition is key irrespective of how you choose to reach your target market. If you are lucky some people might buy straight away but many people will never give you business until they have received a stream of emails. If you end up getting a response rate of more than one percent you are doing extremely well.

The frequency of emails can also affect your campaign. You do not want to send out too regularly as then you will really annoy the people on your list. On the other hand if you leave it too long between emails then people will lose interest!
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