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What A Way To Travel

Mar 30, 2008
The personnel shortage in the healthcare section continues. So much so that hospitals are scrabbling to fill positions by using healthcare staffing companies to recruit permanent and (if necessary) contract employees. I was approached by one such firm. I have a sense of adventure and love to explore, so I decided to accept a thirteen week contract assignment. Well the rest is history. I now use my career as a Medical Technologist to explore interesting new places. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of locations and take my time to get to know and appreciate the local. I now travel as much as I desire, and get paid for it!

For the past two years I have been accepting travel assignments from a variety of healthcare staffing and recruiting services. These service providers have open travel assignments throughout the country for most healthcare specialties and shifts. And they receive and fill new assignments everyday! It's your assignment, so tell the recruiter where you want to travel and look for every effort to be made to customize details to meet your needs. Timeframes, logistics, and any special needs are discussed and they (your personnel recruiter) take care of the details. Current open assignments will be presented to you for consideration or they will find something with you in mind. As long as one is somewhat flexible about where you work and when, there are plenty of job opportunities. And remember, if need be shop around at different agencies until you are presented with a job structure that "toots your horn".

Flexibility, a positive outlook and an eagerness to enjoy a new adventure coupled with refined clinical and social skills are some characteristics of the successful traveler.

When one fills out an application some past experience is a plus. And most agencies look for at least two good references from previous employers; some require these to be from a former supervisor. Once you have interviewed for a position and both you and the hospital decide to move forward, it typically takes between one and six weeks, depending on when you are available and the start date of the assignment. And, recruiters begin presenting new assignments to you about 30 days from the end of your current assignment.

Assignments can run from as short as 8 weeks to as long as a year. The majority of recruiters offer free, private housing. I have received quality furnished accommodations in comfortable, pleasant neighborhoods, situated near my facility. In addition, I have also received a per diem pay to supplement the cost of living expenses. A free rental car has been provided or a car allowance has been given if I brought my own car. Applicable airfare and travel arrangements have been taken care of. And Health and Dental plans (and more) have been available. However be aware as there are some companies who do not offer some or all these fringe benefits. So before you commit to anything, do your homework and research all the best placement agencies. Finding the recruiting company that fits with your unique wants and needs will drastically increase your chances of success and happiness in your career.

The opportunity to work at multiple facilities has helped built my experience and skill, rapidly! After a few days' orientation at each assignment, you'll draw on the needed "nuts and bolts" from your skill library to adapt quickly and efficiently to each new situation. You'll challenge your perceptions and open yourself to new experiences; including the opportunity to experience different lifestyles. I've visited places I would never have gone to on my own, and met so many wonderful people.

By accepting contract travel assignments I am able to travel as much as I desire and been given the flexibility to take as much time off (in between assignments) as I see fit. And, thanks to a contract position in California, I am now enjoying the glorious Monterey area for six months! Ah, life is good.
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